[AGAIN] Stand for Naim Mu-so Qb

Happy start of the week, guys.
Well, we’ve discussed about this before but it’s a problem I’ve not been able to fix yet.
My Naim Mu-so Qb (1 st generation) is a little bit too low on the glass table I’ve put it on, that’s why I need a wee stand to rise it a little bit more, let’s say 5/6 inches.
I’ve bee searching on Amazon UK and eBay but the fact is that my speaker is a little bit too wider for the kind of stands you may find on the Internet.
The only interesting thing I’ve run into is this stand, but considering the plinths and all the other stuff, it’s absolutely out of my budget.
This is my setup, just to make things clearer.
I’d really like the sound to get to my ears not my chest or something like that.
Thanks in advance for your help.

A glass table is not ideal.
Try this from currys £70, hama 49813, the top plate is 25cm square, height 64cm.
£60 from Amazon.

Thanks, guys, my problem, though, is that I need a stand to be used on the table as I don’t have any space available in my living room.

You don’t have any piece of furniture which is a bit higher? E.g kitchen worktop, dresser, etc.?

Well, the place where the Mu-so is, apart from it being a glass table, is not bad at all.
The solution provided by Audio Chic would probably be ideal but 200 pounds is totally off budget for me.

Bearing in mind it’s basically a boombox, not hi end hifi, and on a glass table, how about something like this:
I know of them as labjacks, available in several sizes and colours (of course paintable if not the colour you like), and adjustable in height. Ebay lists multiple examples, it seems around £25 for a (new) 20cm square one will likely give you up from maybe 4-6 up to 25-28cm lift.

Or, completely different aesthetic:

A solid wood cube to match the Qube - e.g. the 20cm solid oak one in the pic £25 from uk-oak.co.uk. The oak one weighs about 10kg, so not easily knocked over. Other woods of course available from a variety of suppliers - some very decorative but of course cost hugely variable. I guess you can get non-cubic, perhaps with square base but lower if 5-6” is what you want, though that would lose the cube-upon-cube effect. Have as plain wood, or paint any colour you like, uniformly or anything else…

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Thanks guys for your help.
In the end I’ve decided to get back to the basics and use two foam pad isolators and things are much better, even from a “fashion” point of view.
That’s how things look like right now:

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