Age from Serial Number

So is there anyway of getting an age of the equipment from the serial number? I often see items on ‘the harbour’ where the serial number is given/shown but no age of the equipment mentioned.


It’s on www Naim Customer Support - click on the Serial Numbers word below

There is a link on the bottom of this page, customer support…serial numbers

Cheers :slight_smile:

Never scrolled down to the bottom of the page :slight_smile:

Just note that anything made prior to the beginning of the current serial number system - i.e. anything built before its introduction in 1982 - cannot be easily dated by the serial number, as the system was quite different.

I believe the serial numbers only apply to the traditional products, and the new muso, etc have a different system which is not shown on the naim site ( unless this has changed in recent times)

Correct, the serial number dating system only appplies to kit built in Salisbury. Mu-So serial numbering is different.

Numbering system also does not include Powerlines (and assume they’re built in Salisbury).

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