Aggiungere un Hicap DR al Supernait 2Supernait 2 Hicap DR

I think that some quality is being lost in favor of other parameters. Experiens?

Some like it with, some like it without. Personally, I’m in the “with” group. Brings a little bit more drive.

I thought an upgrade only brought benefits! it’s true, certainly a lot more fun, but the piano I hear is very far from reality … it seems the result of a cheap keypad … too electric, I’m quite disappointed, and now I would be even without … I hope that can change with the upgrade of the cables: Hiline and Powerline. Can anyone tell me if it’s a right direction?

What’s your source @Luigi? I’ve added a Superlumina I/C (was getting Hiline when a second hand one came up) and Powerlines with good results using a NDX2 and XPS DR.


(+Rega P3 ely2 MK3)

I found the HiCap a nice improvement - more cohesion. But I think the interconnect does more across everything.

Luigi, how young/old are your components? Just wondering if they are fully run in yet. The nd5xs2 improves over a fairly extended time period. Also piano can sound plasticky depending on the source material, it’s not my experience that the hicap would do this.

I agree with you, but the growth must be complete. I thought that with the higher current, new cables could help make everything more faithful, but I am afraid of still being disappointed.

Supernait and Nd5xs2 is 1 old, Hi cap 6 Months

would the alternative be to switch to a pre and a final without power?

The upgrade path from where you are now is ndx2 plus Xps dr into 282/hicap/250.
To get there, add 250 (with supernait as preamp), then 282 replaces supernait, used with a single hicap. However that would expose the nd5xs2 (as 282/250 deserves a better source) so you might upgrade to ndx2 before the 282.
But all depends on your end goal in the Naim hierarchy. In your current position, I would consider removing the hicap to see if the system, for you, returns to something you appreciate. Or trial an ndx2 to see if you are detecting shortfalls in the nd5xs2 that the supernait/ hicap combination is now allowing you to hear.

I am of the same opinion…an upgrade must be an upgrade…without losing any other quality

There is a recognised upgrade path in Naim components, with additional power supplies and better pre/power amps available. However what is not possible is to make an upgrade path that suits every listener, and every listening environment.

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I tried to remove the HCDR and in reality the sounds are similar, probably I was also influenced by the delicacy of the medium-highs of the non-Naim psu (replaced). What is certain is that I can no longer give up the advantages that the HCDR brings, and I am referring to the presence, dynamics and major sound scene. I want to try to eliminate weak points like the transmission cable with the Hiline, and improve the quality of the current with the POWERLINE. As a subsequent update, did they also recommend the Naim DAC, got to try it?

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As an ex Naim employee, I can only recommend hicaps, hilines and powerlines as upgrades to a supernait. You should contact your local dealer to trial these at home.

Do use adjacent sockets on the hicap for the two connections. The difference may or may not be much on a supernait, I’ve never owned one, it is noticeable on a 282.

Ok Robert@ I I bought 3 powerline and Hi Lines…

with the streamer I listen to my FLAC from hard disk via USB, is it a good connection?
to have a NAS, is it preferable?
for a practical question or even qualitatively?

I used ND5SX2 with SN2.

Upgraded to NDX2 . Was a big jump in performance.

Added a HICAP DR which also helped.

NDX2 was a big improvement for me.
Power supply for it next.


…what speakers are you using?

PROAC RESPONSE D2 with stands Atacama,

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