Ahhg! - New Forum Requires 10 digit PW

Why do IT staff implement Fort Knox level passwords? 10 digits? Really? At least numbers and special characters are not required…

Usually in this situation I find it easy to add something to the beginning or end of a short or previous password - though I make it very random of course. I have known people who use the same password for many accounts which is the worst thing you can do.

The trick to long passwords (of which I am a full convert) is to actually use whole sentences and phrases (with spaces and punctuation marks and all) you can remember rather than some archaic jumble of random stuff.

By doing this, it is quite easy to remember long passwords accurately. The problem then becomes “now which of the many long passwords I clearly remember was the right one for this site?” as opposed to “what the hell was my damned password?

Hi, we’ve reduced this to 8 now. Many thanks

Or you could use something like LastPass to generate a gobbledygook password and remember it for you. You only have to remember one password then. It’s free, pretty easy to use and safe.

Glad it’s reduced to 8 characters.

I’ve spent the last month “upgrading” my passwords to include Capitals, digits, symbols and enough letters to create a new alphabet ! But 10 characters, at my age ? I can only just remember my name…in its shortened format !

Check this thread: How to reply with a quote

Great! 8 digits. That does help many of us.

Thxs also to Adam for moving this post over to Padded Cell.


You’re welcome, BC…:wink:

Sorry, thxs Richard for your assist!

Pls note that I changed my user name from ‘BritishC’ to ‘BritishSea’ 2 years ago due to a lost password and an outdated linked email account. With the new forum opening, I took the opportunity to reclaim my original handle.

After all, BC is a far better initial than BS!

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I use Keeper on my Mac and iPhone. I only have to remember one password. The rest are all in there.

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