AI designed Audio and HiFi and some Aliens as well

As per title, AI designed Audio equipment.

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I work as a commercial artist in the Ad world, Ai is destroying the industry. Scarily powerful and quick and once you learn how to prompt it, very good at what it does! Same with the copy writers with chat GTP which now exceeds the human IQ. If you want to scare yourself google Ai and the singularity. It is supposed to happen around 5-10 years, when / if it does, batten down the hatches and accept our new overlords will :P.


Yes, when they get the robots working properly they won’t need us anymore.

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IQ is a fairly nebulous and discredited concept and there is no “human IQ”. I wouldn’t worry too much about the singularity in my lifetime and especially of that’s the best it can design in terms of audio :).


AI is very powerful in some ways and will disrupt a lot of things, including many jobs; but the notion that it will transcend humans is bollox, irrespecive of technological advances.
Anyone worried about this should read John Searle’s 1984 Reith lecture, available here:

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Good reading after watching the iRobot movie …

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