AI Generated Artwork 🤘

Artificial intelligence has made many headlines over the past few months and in terms of artwork it can often produce some amazing results but the bizarre is also possible (eventhough it may look ‘realistic’). Here’s an example from Midjourney for ‘people at a party’, can you put your finger on the glaringly obvious mistakes?

Wishing everyone a lovely evening/day :relaxed:

She’s an alien!

Anne boleyn is looking good for her age.

This is such a stunning image.

Do young people really have that many teeth these days not to mention fingers.


To me it looks like the flash is going off on the camera but no glare in the mirror ….

That’s assuming it’s not the image from the mirror’s viewpoint I suppose - theer are specular highlight on the bumpy bits.

Bet she can play a piano well!

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