Airplay 2 and Libratone Zipp 2 speaker

Hi. I want a portable speaker I can move around that works with my Naim kit. Naim now claims to be airplay2 compatable. Does anyone know if you can add the Libratone Zipp2 to your current Naim setup? Will it work with the Naim app and share rooms etc? I don’t really want to put a muso in the bathroom or my man cave.

hey as far as I know, you should be able to use the speakers simultaneously over airplay 2 (Apple Music) I don´t think you can use your NAS Music or other Streaming Service (tidal …) and share it to other players via airplay 2.

I think it is just an apple standard to combine Streamers, an other compatible Stuff tu use the apple Eco system.

So the naim App is useless if you want to use airplay 2. I think they will support Airplay 2 but just over iOS and MacOS not the naim app.

if you use Apple Music then it is a better solution you can mix different Products an steam multiroom …

just a rough guess

Indeed; when you have an Airplay 2 source (any iOS device, iTunes on Mac/Windows) you can mix different vendor’s hardware and play music across devices.
E.g. using Apps on iOS, you could also play many other sources through Airplay 2 (like: internet radio, streaming services, DLNA/UPnP server hosted music).

What you are asking for: no, other Airplay 2 systems won’t integrate with the NAIM “universe” - so no control via the naim app or using the naim-multiroom capability.
(So: you cannot stream a source connected to or “in” a naim box to the Zipp.)

Please also note, that the “new Uniti” range is still waiting for Airplay 2 support, the Musos have it by now, and the old Unitis won’t get it.
(All Unitis can use Airplay 1; but for using multiple devices this only helps with iTunes on Mac/Windows; the iOS devices cannot target multiple Airplay 1 players.)

So is there any way to add a portable speaker say in a bathroom or garden that will play the source from say a Muso cube? I really don’t want to put a muso cube in the bathroom or garden especially as it needs 240v supply.


I think Airplay is your best bet. (There’s also Roon, but it’s expensive) If you run Airplay on an iPhone or iPad, it will need to be Airplay 2. If you can run it on a Mac, the older Airplay 1 still does multiroom, and you can control it on iOS devices via the Apple Remote app. So any Airplay speaker will potentially do this.

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Okay. I think I might be being a bit stupid. I’ve my music stored on a nas then I have an nd5 Xs streamer, a Nait Xs-2 integrated amp, a muso and a muso Qb
So how do I play my music with airplay2 on my iPad or iPhone?

Also noticed that foobar has a random shuffle mode which I really like. You get to discover hidden gems buried in your files. I wish the Naim app had this feature!

I think I’ve just worked it out. If I play my Nas music through the foobar app then I can select the airplay speakers I want. I’m not sure if it plays true lossless flack quality though.

Glad you have it working now. I’m not entirely surprised you find a lower sound quality using AirPlay. Possibly a price worth paying for the convenience? You can always revert to regular UPnP streaming when you just use your main system and want it to sound at its best.

After trying it for a while foobar2000 plays lossless flack over UPnP just select the UPnP server then selecting the naim speakers or any other Airplay2 speakers for multi room playing. Sounds pretty good. It would be great if naim built this into their app but I think foobar2000 is a pretty good alternative.

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