Airplay 2 problems

I am having trouble figuring out how to use the multi-room feature of Airplay 2 when using my iPhone and the Tidal app (or other apps such as the Neil Young Archives app). I have a Mu-So QB and a Nova. No problem when I use Roon or the Naim app, but otherwise can’t seem to do it; I am always forced to choose one source. Any help much appreciated. Thanks.

Airplay 2 is not quite ready:
From Naim HQ - “We apologise for the delay in releasing the AirPlay 2 update and we appreciate that we advised this would be available before the end of last year. We take enormous pride in the quality of Naim products and software and won’t release anything to the market unless we are 100% happy with the sound quality; unfortunately this can sometimes lead to unexpected delays. We are expecting to launch this towards the end of March – along with some other upgrades we’ll be communicating soon. Thanks for your patience.”

Thanks very much. I hadn’t realized that this was still pending.

I’ve an ND5XS streamer and a muso and a cube. I also have a Libratone zipp2 all except the ND5XS support AirPlay 2 . If there are no plans to support AirPlay 2 on the ND5XS? If not, is there a workaround to play multi room that will work with the ND5XS? Currently I’ve a 3rd generation Apple TV connected to play audio for anything I’m playing on an iPad, ie prime movies. Connected through the Apple TV optical input. Apple TV v4 that supports AirPlay 2 doesn’t have the optical input. Any suggestions for a work around.

Hi ARN-George
No there are no plans to have Airplay 2 on a ND5XS. A quick search will find a few comments on a work around for Airplay 2 on older streamers such as: “Apple Express whilst discontinued was updated to Airplay2 by Apple. Effectively provides multiroom access to anything plugged into it”.

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