AirPlay and Uniti Atom?

Same issue here with 3.3.0 firmware and iPhone with iOS 13.3. Atom appears on AirPlay device list but when I try to connect gives me an error.

NAIM’s answer:

" It looks as though from your description there may be an underlying issue with your AiPlay authentication chip on your unit. Please take this back to your local retailer, they will be able to arrange for your unit to be repaired and tested. "

Living in the middle of the Pacific, I would have preferred a software solution …

I have also contacted Naim and await their response.
As there appears to be a number of users unable to Airplay to new streamers, I suspect your “chip” might be OK.
If you can, just wait a while longer before returning it to your dealer, just in case it does turn out to be a firmware issue…

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Yeah, I’m gonna wait and use bluetooth. I also connected an old apple tv with TosLink that was in a drawer, to one of the digital inputs, so I also have a possibility for airplay (1)

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