Airplay, AppleTV and new Uniti series

Anyone out there use AppleTV?

I often hook my AppleTV up to my projector (not fixed), and then Airplay audio to the Nova.

In recent weeks I have been getting very frustrated with Airplay.

Most video apps (Netflix, Apple apps, Disney, Prime Video) allow you to select an Airplay destination for audio.

Sad but I use Britbox and it does not have an Audio option for its settings.

I therefore have to configure the Nova as the Airplay destination (say in Netflix) by playing video in another app, and previously Britbox would happily continue using that Airplay destination.

In recent weeks Britbox reverts to ‘TV’ out after every episode which is infuriating when watching a few consecutive episodes.

I have no idea if this is a Britbox issue, a change in tvOS or due to Nova firmware changes.

AppleTV settings seems to allow you to configure the Nova as the primary audio destination over Airplay but it doesn’t work and defaults to ‘TV’ (HDMI in essence).

Again is this an AppleTV issue or after an episode does the Nova somehow ‘end an Airplay session’ kicking it out of recognised Airplay devices transiently.

Apple in their peculiar wisdom ditched optical out in recent years - that would have been an easy fix!

If this is for AV use, would it not be easier to optical or HDMI from TV to Nova?

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Yeah I have Apple TV and connect using HDMI ARC from the television.

Its been pretty stable.

I see it on TV through the Amazon fire tv 4k app

by airplay do you mean firing something from your iphone to the appletv?

Why not just pick your audio source from the slide up or down drawer thingy on your iphone, select the little airplay icon top right of the sound settings and airplay devices will show up, select your source and any audio from the phone should go to it?

Sorry if I have missed what you meant.

I’m connecting AppleTV directly to an older 1080p projector which has a tiny internal speaker, hence I Airplay AppleTv audio to the Nova and on to the active SBLs via the NAC 282. Apple got rid of AppleTV optical out a few iterations ago which is annoying as it would have been ideal.

Not sure if you are suggesting I could keep AppleTV connected to my 4k Samsung TV and use soe kind of HDMI ARC/out to the Nova but that would not allow video via the projector, or would it?

AppleTV allows you to select various audio outputs - default would be the HDMI connected device, though you could use Bluetooth (there’s a thought) or Airplay enabled targets eg Homepods, Airpods, Bluetooth devices. The menus seem to suggest you can have several simultaneous outputs but it keeps losing the Nova as an Airplay target.

Hope that makes sense.

I don’t think my projector has HDMI ARC which is why I try to send video to the projector and Airplay AppleTV audio to the Nova - when it works it’s fine it’s just keeping the connection stable that’s the issue and it’s got worse but both Nova and AppleTv have had updates.

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