Airplay Issue Resolved

Since buying my Qb second generation I have constantly suffered with Airplay dropping out as others have using a BT Smart Hub 2. In final desperation I contact BT who within minutes dialled into my hub, changed some setting and advise me to reboot the hub. Excellent outcome as over the last week it hasn’t dropped out once.


With my experience of BT, the word excellence and BT rarely co-exist in the same paragraph


Would have been helpful for BT customers to know which setting :slight_smile:

Perhaps in the past, but according to the Ofcom stats on customer service they are one of the better ones now.
It’s Sky that is dropping… it’s a shame as I used to work for them many moons ago… and from what I have heard from talking to a current employee perhaps understandable…

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Yes I agree, however it might be environment specific.
In the SmartHub 2 there are the wireless mode settings, to allow the scaling back of wifi performance for interoperability reasons, ie devices using different protocols on your wlan.

The default is full performance (option 1), but some older devices may struggle and interact with newer devices.
Other than enabling specific frequency bands, I can’t think of anything else that would have been adjusted.

Certainly. I just found it funny to open a thread saying “they changed some setting” and not telling which one

Sure I agree… but having listened in on some consumer support lines… I am not altogether surprised :grinning:

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They abused the DDM on my current address shamelessly and over collected by hundreds of pounds and then I waited months to get it back.

They also threatened me with bailiffs twice over somebody else’s debt. The person I sold my flat to, ran up hundreds of pounds of debts, and on two separate occasions referred the matter to debt collection agencies.

Gave them multiple chances - but I guess enough was enough.

Glad they have improved their performance.

Funnily enough, just installed a Sky Q box and they promptly cut the cost by around £30 a month :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:


And Airplay works sooooooo well! When Apple adds hi-res it’ll be game over for me.

Yes… it makes you wonder… I rang up Sky and said I felt I was paying too much for my SkyTV, and what could they do about it… about 30 pounds got knocked off my monthly bill just like that… but to be honest I would have preferred if they hadn’t over charged me in the first place…
I did ask for a call back for mobile as they said they could offer me package that would be cheaper than my current mobile as a bundle with TV… the call back never came… and I got new cheaper contract instead with my current provider…

BTW with your SkyQ do try and ensure you use Ethernet and not the SkyQ internal wlan… certainly beneficial for HD and cutting local wifi noise down.

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My sentiments are the same, worse experience I ever had was with BT.

Is normal, nobody should pay more than 50% of the regular (and ridiculous) asking price. If all else fails, simply cancel the contract and don’t react to any of their subsequent letters. The real offer should arrive a day or two before the contract ends, then it is still enough time to call them and accept, which will reinstate the contract without further hassle

I kind of disagree - a reputable service provider should offer a fair price - and not take advantage of loyal customers. It looks like the regulator agrees and this is being tightened up in the UK in certain markets by appropriate regulators - although I don’t think payTV is one of them yet.

I agree that it’s ridiculous, I am just telling how it is (I was told this by a Sky employee) and am encouraging everyone to not pay more than ~50%, and how to do so in case anyone does not know

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