Airplay + NDX 2

I broadcast radio paradise or something else (apple music ) from my ipad via airplay to my NDX 2 and again today and oddly, after about 15-20 minutes, disaappear on the Airplay drop down. Do you know why ? I have a new routor Luxul . My ndx2 run via Ethernet.

I noticed the same too with my NDX2. I can see my Muso on Airplay on my iPhone but the NDX2 has disappeared.

I’ve seen on another thread there’s a software update due soon for the NDX2 and ND555 to fix Airplay 2 playback.

@Richard.Dane any further news on this fix?

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All I know is that the next firmware update is in beta and so far it’s coming along nicely.


Now here;

And it doesn’t show the correct time after updating… I am in the Asia/Hong Kong time zone.

After firmware update, I still cannot get AirPlay to work properly on NDX2, I have to go to settings on iPhone and pair, which is not how it’s supposed to work. It works well on the Muso, and it always appears in the drop down box.

Have you contacted Naim support on this?

Not yet

Hi, I’ve found in the past that streamers are sometimes not recognised after a firmware update, and restarting your router seems to resolve this. Better still, shut down your router, streamer and iPhone. Then turn on the router, make sure it’s fully up and running, then start the other devices one at a time.
I can’t promise this will work for you, but it’s the first thing I’d try.

For interest: where in the settings of iOS do your „pair“ a device with AirPlay?
(I know „pairing“ with Bluetooth, but AirPlay I only know to select from either the control center or from within apps themselves.)

I did mean pair with Bluetooth
Then it is found but only temporarily it seems, as the next time one tries it is not visible again in aurplay

iOS13 is a mess, anything random could be going on.

It turns out that in input settings on the Naim app Airplay was switched of and has to be switched on. Simple when one stumbles upon it LOL
I thought this would have happened automatically after firmware update.

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Damn too late; I had suspected something like this, but first wanted to confirm, that you had been using Bluetooth. (Which indeed has to be paired for use each time devices disconnect.)
Only after pairing it’s shown as a target for audio in iOS; which still is not AirPlay, even though it shows in the same selection.

AirPlay should “auto-discover”, if active and devices are on the same network…

… so, all is, as it “should” be.
Only you beat me to the solution. :wink:

I’ve just noticed your note, thanks anyway.
It was puzzling me as Airplay was working on my Muso, and when I checked the settings on it there is no option to switch on or off ie it happens automatically. As you say all is now as it should be.

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