AirPlay on old streamers - AirUPNP?

I want to make my SU AirPlay accessible in some way. It’s not for critical listening, mainly just for podcasts. One option I could do is to buy an airport express and plug it in. I’ve also come across AirUPNP that claims to be an AirPlay to UPNP bridge. AirUPNP will apparently run either on a Mac or R-Pi.

Have any other users of the old streaming platform tried AirUPNP or any other software solution to do this? I won’t be near my own SU for a few days so was wondering if anyone had any success or advice?

I have both solutions (some airplay1 software in a rasPi sending out upnp and airport express + reclocker). Both work fine for podcast but syncing video with AppleTV was impossible with upnp on top (for me at least).

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I use an AirPort Express on my SU and it works fine for those odd occasions I need it.
I have connected it with the optical cable to an optical input on the SU.

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Finally got around to trying AirUPNP on my raspberry pi. It works very well with my SU.

(Unless you’re familiar with Linux getting it up and running to start as a service could be hassle.)

Volumio on PI seems to be a very simple way also to get Airplay going.

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