Airplay works with itunes on Mac but not on iOS devices

I have a Mu-So and updated firmware recently. I can flawlessly target my Mu-So via iTunes on my Macbook - even „multi-room“ in combination with an old Libratone Zipp. But it doesn’t work out via my ipad or iphon. Both show the Mu-So as a target device - with a checkbox to select it. When I do so, only the waiting spinner comes up, but nothing happens. I can use Spotify, but like to change to itunes Music. Any ideas? Thank you!

Hmm. Working fine here via iPhone music. It might be worth deleting the app and reloading it from the App store. Worth a go. Otherwise shut the wifi network down completely and then also turn the Mu-so off. Reboot the network, then turn the Mu-so on once the network is up and see what happens.

Thanks for sharing the tipps! Unfortunately did not work out. I figured out one interesting behavior: When I stream via itunes on my Macbook, the streaming only works, when I do multiroom with the mu-so and the libratone. Once I deselect the libratone, the tone for the mu-so goes off as well. My suspicion: Since the libratone can’t handle Airplay2, itunes falls back to Airplay1. iOS isn‘t capable of multiroom in legacy Airplay, so this way cannot be gone. Any other ideas? I also deleted the airplay password, but without impact.

I’m not sure what the libratone actually is. Maybe try removing it from your network completely - power it down - and see what happens? If the Mu-so is then happy you have a further clue.

Sorry, I was unspecific. The Libratone (exactly: The Libratone Zipp) is an active, Airplay-capable speaker. I will try - but currently, it helps me to stream to my Mu-So at least from my computer…

I am thinking about a Firmware-downgrade for my Mu-So as another option to use it at least with the traditional Airplay (I don’t need the multi-room feature right now and if, I can use my computer for it). Would this work and how to do?

No idea really, other than it all works fine here. Only other thing to check - is your iTunes up to date? It should all work fine on the latest firmware. I’d be looking at iTunes or your network setup rather than the Mu-so. Good luck.

At least that it works flawlessly in “normal” environments. I will investigate further. Thanks for the support so far!

Question: can you target just the ZIPP from the iOS devices? (Without using the Mu-So as well?)

Indeed, iTunes on Mac and iOS will behave differently:

  • iTunes:
    • Single Airplay 1 or 2 device: choose 1 / 2 as appropriate
    • Mixed Airplay 1 + 2 devices: will use Airplay 1 to stream to both/all (just like before Airplay 2 was introduced at all)
  • iOS
    • Can stream to any single Airplay 1 device. (Always could.)
    • Multi-stream to any selection of Airplay 2 devices. (Marked by the O checkmark in the selector, indicating you can select several of those.)

For me all this works at home - I have a combination of an Uniti Atom (now: Airplay 2), Apple Airplay Express (updated to Airplay 2), and an oldish Pioneer Airplay 1 only device.
Worked also as described, before first Express and then Atom were updated.
I’ve experienced, that iTunes sometimes “hangs” a bit, when switching between 1/2. I then usually stop playing and select target devices starting with the Airplay 1 only and then adding the devices capable of both 1/2.

Thank you for the extensive answer! After some investigation, I found that there might be some issues with AVM network devices (“Fritz!Box” router and extender). This is exactly my configuration. I can integrate another Airport Express; I will figure out, if I could run this mixed mode without causing additional hickups in my network and update my post.

There have been issues reported here before involving problems with Fritzbox routers. I don’t recall the exact details, but Naim were aware of it. You might want to get in touch with Naim support as they may be able to help.

Perfect Chris, thanks for letting me know!

I can’t promise that this issue was the same as yours, but either way, Naim support might be able to help. Good luck!

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