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I have a Naim streamer, a muso and the smaller Naim unit and streaming through airplay is a hit and miss event. Sometimes the units show on the list of available airplay devices and don’t connect, other times they don’t show up on that list. Sometimes the three units show on the Naim app and other times no devices show up. All the other airplay (non Naim) devices l have always around the house connect without fail. I use the supplied BT smart hub with a good wifi signal around the house whilst one of the Naim units is in the same room and still may or may not show on the airplay drop-down list and or the Naim app device window. I’ve been a Naim user for 35 years but my experience with Naim streaming is testing me and for the first time l’m wondering if another manufacturer would have a more robust airplay experience.
Help and advice gratefully received.

It rather depends exactly what Naim units they are, but in general you are far better off using Ethernet cable than WiFi. The older Naim units have terrible WiFi. The newer units are ok though. So exactly what are your three Naim units?

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I had this problem years ago and it was my router config… not the naim products.

I don’t remember the fix unfortunately.

The fix can be as simple as restarting the router. I’ve had numerous devices that would not connect over the years and restarting the wifi router was usually all that was needed. In one case, an ISP supplied router had to be replaced when a handful of devices just would not connect. It was all fine with the replacement.

I’ve never had a problem with my Uniti Atom connecting. I can’t say the same for my older Moon MiND streamer.

I had to change specific router config, after which all naim products always appeared. Before the change I had the same issue as the OP

Thank you all for taking the time to offer your suggestions on making the wifi/airplay more robust. My router is regularly reset by being switched off and on.

The units affected are my Mu-so, Muso Qb and ND5 XS 2. I am wondering whether the issue lies with the BT Smart Hub Router. It supplies the wifi as well as being the router. I’ve looked at several stand-alone wifi units but I’m concerned that I could waste money trying them out.

Maybe there is a router config change that would help too but this issue has remained through numerous BT modem replacements.

Happy listening.

Hi mctaff.

Do you remember what settings you changed?

No, sorry, it was years ago and I now have a high quality router (not a free one) and never had any trouble.

I found the settings by searching the internet for the issue.

I did have BT at some point but have a feeling it was with EE & their default router settings.

There are a number of issues here. Naim streaming works well in a good network environment. Wifi is less robust in the earlier Musos - you don’t say which you have, or if each is wired or wifi.
Worth asking what you are using airplay for? Only Qobuz is missing from earlier Musos.
Have you tried connecting one or more streamers, albeit on a temporary basis by patch cable to router?
What is likely happening is that the streamers are connecting to one band and the control point to another and the router is blocking the connection at times. In the past it had been an issue with BT hubs, but I don’t see it raised more recently - a number of threads and posts, you may wish to “search”.
If you are aware of what you are changing, worth experimenting, taking care to note or photo before changing anything in the hub settings, otherwise restrict that to wired v wifi.

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