Airport Express dying

I think my AE is dying but my Extreme is still going strong. If I need to replace my Express what would you suggest? TIA

That depends what you are using it for?

Wifi extender

Then if you plan to keep the Extreme, I’d just get another Express - plenty of used ones about. Either that, or start again with a more up-to-date solution.

I’ve thought about buying used but kind of afraid to buy a bad unit. Refurbished units are a bit high so just wondering if I could use any extender with the Extreme? Not really wanting a complete network overhaul just yet if I can avoid it. May not and have to bite the bullet and spend more than I want.

I may have to extend my wi-fi network soon. What are the more up-to-date solutions? Thanks.

Unfortunately Apple got out of the networking accessory game in recent years - the beauty was the ease of configuration.

Mesh networks seem to be the in thing currently e.g.

Apple sells a 3rd party device (if not more).

Personally would probably look for something from Ubiuiti, though other vendors may have options simpler to configure.

Apple might be able to service/replacethe Express, but if they have any refurbs on their site they will be as good as new.

Also check local electrical/department stores - I saw some in a John Lewis store the other day and nearly picked one up, but didn’t as still charging full price.

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I think the answer depends on whether or not you can give the WiFi devices a wired connection, which is preferable, rather than having them link wirelessly back to your main router.
A few forum members have reported very good results using the Ubiquiti AP-AC Lite, using several of them around the house, all connected by Ethernet cable.
If you’re not prepared to run wires around the house, you could look at one of the so-called Mesh devices. Apple now sell the Linksys version, and there are models from Google and others.

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I’m using an AX v2 with a Base Station in a network that doesn’t need to reach far but has a hard angle. The AX is ethernetted to the MuSo and it buffers occasionally when using Multiroom with the SU wired to a switch.

Would one of these mesh systems work better? The Google WiFi seems reasonable.

I haven’t used one, but I’d say the Google version is probably fine. The trick is to work out where to place them for optimal performance, and how many you need to get a good signal everywhere you need it.

Ok, I’ll look into it. I’m just looking to eliminate the buffering, if it doesn’t do that I’ll pass. I also have an old airport base station I could use. I wonder if it would be better than the AX.

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