Alan Arkin

Another fine actor has popped off. 89 years. ( you know I count them).
Catch 22,Little Miss Sunshine,Argo are in my collection.
But he achieved mythical hero status in my eyes during the first two seasons of The Kominsky Method with Michael Douglas shown on Netflix.
Necessary viewing for curmudgeonly old men.

Thanks old timer.


And this greatest roles as The Bean, George Aaronow and Dr. Oatman.

Alan was a fine actor but your right about him with Michael Douglas in the Kominsky Method. That my friends is wonderful entertainment. Thank you Mr. Arkin


I feel that I’m getting to an age where all the actors and musicians I grew up with are dying. There are more gone than remain snd I don’t know the names of the young ones that filled the void. I knew this would happen but it came 20 years faster than I anticipated.

Arkin was a great performer. No one mentions his cop in Gattaca.


I agree with you that so many people are passing. I find it very sad but I’m also happy that they left us with their movies and their music.

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