Album art struggles

Why do I suffer so much with Album art in the Naim App for the connected music store?

It seems pretty hit and miss to me. Some albums display fine and others not. It should be able to read cover.jpg and folder.jpg, shouldn’t it?

What silver bullets do you have to get de album art to display properly?

I’m using Asset and find a complete power down of the NAS and an option to “Rescan all” does the trick.

I had a similar problem. Investigation showed that the albums not displaying the album art all had the artwork named ‘album.jpg’. I simply renamed them all to ‘folder.jpg’ and no further problem.

I ‘ve never knowingly had album.jpg, apart from folder.jpg, cover.jpg works as well

None of my 4,000+ albums have cover art in separate jpg files. Each track has embedded art and it works fine.

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Perhaps it plagues me cause I use WAV.

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I had all WAV for a number of years, never had a problem with cover & folder.jpg.
But as HH says, once the art is embedded, there is no need to have the art .jpg stored with the audio files.

It just seems to be hit and miss. Most work but then one album here and there wont. Back in the day when I had a Star I could change the files via the network share but now I have to unplug the USB drive and try again and wait for the rescan.

USB drive rings alarms, I suspect this is something to do with your storage & UPnP software.
What are they

Version R6 is rather old.
Most people have upgraded to R7.4 or R7.5 (depending upon operating system).
Useful to have latest version before experimenting.
Your upgrade is free as a registered user.

I have absolutely no album art issues on R7.4 with flac files with artwork embedded and in most cases in folder.jpg as well. But never had them with earlier versions i.e. R7 either.

Your artwork is not over 1200x1200 is it? I think there is a limit but not sure exactly what it is without delving.

Its just an SSD plugged directly into the ATOM HE rear USB socket. I don’t have enough local files to merit a more complex solution.

OK, understood, but it’s probably why you are having these problems.

It might be worth trying to check & reformat your audio files that you have on the USB, not saying it’ll work but worth a go.

Get a copy of Mp3Tag from www. You will need to learn how to work with it, so for safeties sake make sure you only work on a copy of the original files.
Make sure each album art file is named either ‘cover.jpg’ or ‘folder.jpg’
Load an album to Mp3Tag, ‘select all’ tracks and go to the art section at the bottom left corner of the screen, select ‘add art’ and load your cover or folder art file.
This embeds the art in with the audio and should give consistent art views when you play the album.

Yeah I think you are right. I do use Musicbrainz Picard but am a bit sluggish to take the time to tag everything. Was secretly hoping I could get the album art going with just the localized jpegs.

I find that with the UnitiCore, cover.jpg doesn’t work. But folder.jpg does work. The other thing is the size of the file. It can be too big or too small, but in the range 1000x1000 pixels to 1200x1200 pixels does work.

No doubt Asset is different, but I include this here for general info.

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Now that you mention it, I found the same over the years.

folder.jpg always seems to work and any image over a MB will not. Will start trying with the pixel boundaries you suggest.

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Good general info David, it doesn’t affect me as I use Asset.
Asset has no limits on file (pixel) size although there is a customer selection size limit feature in browse edit to make for faster file loading. I have yet to see any visual benifit in >1500x1500 looking at iPad screens
‘folder’ & ‘cover’ both work, I have a mix of both, also I believe you can use .png.
There is also a nice customer art editing program with .png for user selected and DIY art that loads on the individual artists or composors upstream (header) folder

When I had an NDX2 I always had the screen switched off, so decent art was less important. Since getting a Nova, we generally have the screen switched on during playback, so the art becomes more important. It would be a shame to have musical notes rather than decent images.

I find flac files much easier to manage, so it may be an option for @Kryptos to convert to flac and get the art embedded. It’s shouldn’t be too much hassle given that the number of albums is small.

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Yeah I though of this. Reason I am on WAV was that at the time it was recommended as the preferred format by Naim and my dealer.

This was largely an issue with 1st gen streamers. I’d be surprised if you could hear a difference on your Atom. As a test you could convert one album. If you don’t like it, convert it back to WAV.

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Oh I listen to many FLAC streams and personally cannot detect a difference between local WAV source or online FLAC source. It is mostly having gone this way already I now stick to it. When I was still using Roon it was a non issue. But this is one of the few remaining challenges I face since shutting my Roon Core down.