Album Artwork

Firstly I’m still getting dropouts from ripped audio cd’s Come on NAIM this really is unacceptable on a product costing £4000.
But the latest niggle is to do with Artwork! Every time I rip a cd I have to search discogs etc to find album art and paste it in. Previously the odd album had to be done this way, now every time I rip an album I have to find the artwork myself.

Why the change this is extremely frustrating, the unit sound’s fantastic but these software niggles are crazy.

All that time messing with special mains cables and nonsense words about how the units are built.
Research in the software would be more appreciated.

Is your Star running the latest firmware?

If so, are you saying that if you now do a rip of a CD you are still getting drop outs? If so, please contact Naim support as this may be some other issue entirely.

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