Album ratings table suggestion

Just a suggestion…

Would it be possible to see a table for the ‘love’ ratings for albums that are posted in the ‘What are you listening to in…’ thread?

Maybe it could be updated each month/qtr/yearly/whatever?

It’s purely for curiosity sake. Just so we can see what music style etc… are most popular with the forum posters?


You don’t need a table :face_with_monocle:

Dark Side of the Moon
Abbey Road
Hunky Dory
etc etc

The interesting ones are those without a love.


Maybe though I notice that DSotM and AR both got good ‘ratings’ in the last couple of days.

It was just for fun really.

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If it could be automated and updated continuously, then why not. I might dip in occasionally for a look. However, if someone (Richard) had to compile the table manually, that’s a big ask, probably too big.

I agree… I was kind of hoping it could be automated or at least a search function already present in the form software.

I tend to agree with that. If someone posts some Genesis album, or Marillion or Rush (all bands I cannot abide) they will get loads of likes and would therefore hit the top of the charts. A chart would achieve nothing other than telling me what I already know - that the likes go to either stuff I don’t like or very safe choices - Diana Krall or Melody Gardot for example. I like both artists but wouldn’t post that I’m listening to it. I have a good few edgy post punk albums - 23 Skidoo, Pop Group, Au Pairs for example - that only @TheKevster ever likes. I’ve discovered some really fine classical and jazz stuff on here. It tends to be that I know who likes the stuff I might find interesting and can then investigate.

It’s a challenge to make the posts useful. It’s sort of I’m listening to it because I like it, but how to explain why others might I’m not so sure.


Okay… not an issue.
Let’s forget about this then :wink:

I’m also one of those that will, almost by habit, tick ‘love’ to anything my Genesis, Yes, PF, etc… :slight_smile:

I like that title, though it’s a little ungainly. Another option is My Music Collection Hasn’t Changed In Thirty Years So I’m playing This Yet Again.


It would be nice to have a ‘yawn’ option too. It might make people post more interesting stuff. I do tend to post things that others might not know and which might tickle their fancy. It can backfire though - I posted an Eyeless in Gaza album a while back, somebody bought it and didn’t like it.


Or maybe an Absolutely Dislike icon just in case anyone were to post a Smiths album, for example?

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Ha. And another ‘predictable response’ icon maybe. Actively dislike would I think be unnecessarily negative whereas yawn is more neutral. Anyway, we have neither, which is probably for the best.

Do people post just to get likes? To what end?

A yawn is distasteful because it is downright rude. If there is like, arguably there should be dislike. However, of more significance perhaps, is ‘like’ liking the post, or liking the music - which may not be the same thing. I have tended to think of it in terms of liking the post, Expressing a dislike of the music would be perfectly reasonable and not negative, just an expression of taste.

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