Album Tracks Play Out of Order When Streaming from a NAS

I have a ND5 XS and use it primarily to stream WAV files from a Synology NAS. Recently, I put together a compilation album to duplicate a rare LP which I lost many years ago. The compilation contained WAV files from Qobuz, CD rips (copied and pasted from elsewhere on the NAS) and a digitised LP track. The metadata for the compilation was modified using dBpoweramp.

When playing the compilation using the Naim app, the track list looked normal, but the tracks would not play in the correct order and some would not play at all. I tried all sorts of edits of the metadata, to no avail. Obviously, there was deeply buried metadata that I could not reach to modify.

My low tech solution: CD Burn and Rip.
I burned the compilation tracks to CD, ripped the CD using dBpoweramp and then edited the metadata. All tracks played perfectly.

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