Albums duplicated on NAS Share

I recently moved a lot of my music to my NAS, and then designated that folder as a Share on my Uniti Core. When the Naim app directory was built, all those albums on the NAS had duplicate entries in the Naim App under a single entry for the artist. (The Store is the Core internal drive, and that information is correctly showing only one album per album.) I cannot see anything peculiar in the folder content that might cause this. It occurs to me that the Naim app might be seeing my Raid 1 configuration as two separate libraries. Has anyone experienced this? And if Naim seeing Raid 1 as two libraries is indeed the cause, is there a fix?

Another member had an issue with duplicate music files from a NAS.
Try a search of the forum as I cannot recall the solution.

I can’t help with the Core but RAID1 will only be seen as a single drive.

That’s a relief to know, thanks.

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Thanks for sending me back to do another search. I had done a search for “duplicated albums”, but just now I found a thread about duplicated tracks, and one of the suggestions was to see if the NAS Recycle Bin had old copies. Sure enough it does!! They don’t show up when I’m accessing the NAS folders via Windows Explorer. I’m now emptying the NAS Network Recycle Bins and I’ll see how that plays out. I’m very hopeful because some of the duplicates were in a pre-edit state, so this all makes sense. I’ll give it a day to see if the Naim App updates itself, otherwise I’ll rebuild the database. (Over 6,000 albums - will take most of a day.)

Yes, that’s the thread and it was my suggestion to the OP there to check the bin and ensure its empty. I fell foul of that last year!
Make sure you ask your upnp server to rescan your NAS files.
Best of luck.

Just confirming that the Recycle Bin was indeed the cause of the duplicated albums. Brilliant, thanks. I don’t know how I would have figured that one out myself. I think I will raise this with Naim in the spirit of continuous improvement.

Glad you got it sorted. In the end I deactivated the recycle bin on my NAS to avoid future issues.
By the way, this isn’t an issue with Naims streamers. If your Upnp server was pointed to the root of your NAS, any streamer would pick up the bins contents.

I have a two disk NASDrive, it only sees one copy of all the albums on it so maybe there’s something else afoot! Unfortunately I can’t help with what that might be, sorry!

He’s sorted it Nick so nothing else afoot.

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Brilliant, well done!

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Yeah, I’m guessing most people at top level of a NAS file system will have a “Music” folder or similar, which their uPNP server is pointed to as the music store.

We have 3 folders, FLAC/HIRES/MP3 each added to Asset separately.

That way we can drop junk or stage files at top level of NAS drive or subfolders without corrupting the music index.

With QNAP, unlike Windows, each Share folder has its own Recycle Bin so maybe this problem is peculiar to those using a QNAP NAS. Easily solved - once you know!

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