Alison Krause and Robert Plant

Not my cup of tea but I know there are fans on here. Just read that the golden god and Alison Krause have announced a new album. There is a track from it available on the net just released

Already flagged on the general ‘What releases thread…’

…not my cuppa tea at all BTW. I think their voice combo is ‘not good’ (the polite way of putting things).

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Raising Sand is ok but I don’t get all the fuss. Imo there’s nothing revolutionary about it but it’s certainly a fav among members. Having said that I’m interested to hear what the new album is like.


I like that RP is constantly evolving his music, with some recaps, and is not stuck like JP, even though Led Zeppelin are one of the greats.

I travelled a lot to the US in the late 70’s and early 80’s and my memory of hearing “Stairway” and other great tracks like “Ramble On” and “Kashmir” repeating on every rock FM station on both coasts will live with me for ever. @NO-QUARTER may wish to come in…

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I listened to the new song, thought it was quite good. I saw Plant twice live,once in 1988 for his “Now and Zen” tour,and once around 2006/7 with “Strange sensation”.Both concerts were awesome, I really felt like I was in the presence of (my) God. The highlight of any Plant show is when he starts jamming Zep,then all hell breaks loose.


Good news, looking forward to this release, must be hard to have a creative solo career after LZ - very innovative he has been for sure.

I was surprised in an interview he gave Phil Collins a lot of credit in giving him confidence in making the first solo album after LZ.


Alison kraus has a lovely voice. And she looks good. Which is a bonus.


Whereas, Robert Plant…………


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Sandy Denny didn’t. Sadly.


I don’t tend to listen to music because it’s revolutionary. I’d rather listen because it’s good. I’m not signed up on the idea of the new album at all and the single sounds a tepid facsimile of something which was ultimately attractive because it was sui generis.

However I think people struggled with the original because T-Bone Burnett productions use a lot of natural ambience but manage to make it sound unnatural and that was allied to neither singer being a natural fit for each other vocally despite having common ground musically. Both had to work around each other by muting some of their natural instincts.

That restraint plus the production made the album hugely attractive to people who were fans of neither her unsexy purity or his animal growl and came to both artists relatively fresh and unconstrained by expectations from their respective catalogues. A subset of fans of both loved it and a subset genuinely couldn’t see what the fuss was about because the album gave them few of the characteristics they were used to from either singer. That, to the artists, was of the course the exact attraction of it.

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True I do like the album I’m just not in love with it. As for revolutionary maybe in hindsight that was the wrong term. I actually like TBs productions generally

We have a concert with Ron Block next year - he plays with Union Station for those who don’t know. Last time I met him I asked him to try to persuade Alison to come over and do a one off for us. So far nothing has materialised! My WemsFest colleague vaguely knows Robert and met him quite recently. The two together in the village hall would be quite something!

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Getting Alison would be a coup getting Robert Plant would make you a hero.

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I enjoyed Raising Sand but not so much that I’m chomping at the bit for the next one. Agree about the production, hopefully a different, more natural sound this time round.

My best mate works with RP, proposed tour with AK has been cancelled unfortunately, RP will probably go back on the road with his Shape Shifters at some point next year

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