All music on NAS not showing in Naim app

Apologies if this is a repeated topic but I can’t find anything directly relevant.
I have a NAS drive with A LOT of cds ripped to it as FLAC files which I play either through a MUSO or Linn Akurate DSM.
I have a repeating issue - I often find I can’t see all the music I have on the NAS in the Naim App on my iphone but I can see ALL the files on my PC and all are visible in Linn Kazoo app on my phone
This can sometimes be solved by restarting the NAS but it takes several hours to reconfigure so is an annoying thing to do
Any brilliant ideas from any of you streamers? I’ve tried restarting the app and it is up to date.
Thanks and Merry Christmas

Have you done a database reset in the app. It’s under other settings…

What is the NAS brand & what UPnP media server software is loaded

Hi Mike - It’s a QNAP running Twonky Media

Thanks - I’ll give that a go

Ahh the infamous tWonky, I’ve never got into it, I spent a lot of time trying to get it working for someone a long while back, not my idea reliable software.
I suggest you try the free ‘trial’ version of Asset (www dBpoweramp) & see if it works better. Its so much easier & reliable (IME), The trial version is just basic, but good for this test purpose. Then if you like it you can buy the full licence version & its a buy once £23 lifetime licence.

This to me sounds like the UPnP cache for the Naim app on the ‘phone’ is getting stuck or loosing data.

The first thing to try is to clear the UPnP cache via the Naim app. If I remember right:
<settings><Input settings><UPnP><Clear UPnP cache>.

If this doesn’t fix it then Twonky has gone wonky and the next this is to rescan the library.

If that doesn’t fix it easily, as Mike says invest £23 in Asset (you might want to do this anyway as in several aspects it’s a much better UPnP server).

Thanks. It was installed by a top dealer. Not sure I have the technical ability to do that but will investigate

Thanks. Have just deleted and reinstalled the app and now it seems fine!!

That’s another way to clear the cache. :smiley:
If it happens again clearing the cache may be a bit quicker than a full reinstall - worth trying! :wink:

Thank you

This also helped me, at least partially.
I have a mu-so and a uniti atom. I could not see any music files on my Synology NAS, and after clearing the Upnp cache, the mu-so saw my files, however I don’t have this clear function when connecting the app to the uniti. The uniti sees the nas, but keeps on looking for files… any ideas to solve this.

I’m not quite sure what you mean here.

The UPnP cache is in the app, not in the device.

Do you mean that when using the remote you can’t select tracks to play via UPnP, if so that’s normal for an Atom, the UPnP input has to be controlled via the App.

Hi Xanthe, yes I’m talking about the App that has the UPnP cache clear option (and which solved the issue with the media server) when connecting to the Mu-so, but not so when connecting to the Atom.

So while the problem with the UPnP cache clear function still exists, it’s no longer an issue. I tried other Media Servers than the Synology, the Plex didn’t make any change but MinimServer did the job for me. Both Muso and Atom see the media server including all directories and music files.

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