Allison Moorer Live

We saw Allison in Little Rock with her sister Shelby Lynne last Spring. Since nobody is touring live, Allison is doing unplugged shows from her library these days. On Saturday at 7 pm CDT. This is the best show in town tonight. Check it out. Follow her on FB or Instagram and she will let you know when the next one is. You can also see the replay…

Her husband, Hayes Carll, just joined at 8 CDT. Country Classic Duets now. Pretty swell. Price is right, too.

We plugged the Facebook laptop into the Qutest and are watching it live on Instagram. This is sweet for a pandemic Saturday night. We have had to re-sync the Instagram several times to have our video stay in sync with the music on the Facebook/Qutest. That goes with the territory.

It is great to see live music from people you love and have seen live, with people you love and whom you have seen them with. One computer into the Qutest. Two iPhones on Instagram for video. This was a nice Saturday evening with better sound at home than most people get live.

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I posted this last week to no replies, but I am not shy, as you know.

Allison does a live show on Facebook periodically. We watched her sing hard country unplugged last Saturday night and we had a blast. She is married to Hayes “She Left Me for Jesus” Carll. Hayes is a trip if you like that kind of country. He joined her for a duet. She had been married to Steve Earle. Allison is world class. She can really sing! She posts a tip jar and if you love what she is doing, let her know. We follow what she does, so we get a heads up.

Tomorrow at 11 CDT US (1700 in UK) she is doing another free live show from her house in Nashville. We listen to this show by following Allison Moorer on Facebook, plugging the laptop into the Qutest, and then streaming the live show on Instagram, to see the video. You might accomplish the whole thing on Apple TV if you knew what you were doing. We are still CD people. Pretty good sound on our 500 setup.

If you have other performers you like who do this, let us know. I like Questlove and the Roots, but Susan gets tired of them in a hurry. We could listen to Allison all day.

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Thanks a lot for the heads up Skip. Sorry I missed your first post. I’m a huge fan of Allison’s and have most of her Albums. I also have and enjoy Hayes‘ KMAG Yo-yo album. I should investigate further with his music.

On this forum, Allison doesn’t seem as well known as her Sister, Shelby Lynne. I like both and would strongly encourage others to investigate her albums. The first 3 in particular or perhaps better still,sample from this compilation maybe:

There are quite a few artists playing music from home I believe. I’ve watched Richard Thompson, Paul Simon and Mary Chapin Carpenter on the back of other posters flagging them on this forum.
Thanks again and stay well,

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