Allo DigiOne OS's

Not familiar with the OS’s on the Allo site. Which one would be the best to run Qobuz to a 272? The options are Diet Pi, Moode, Volumio or Max2play

Thanks in advance

I use upmpdcli ( in a minimal Raspbian Lite installation with the DigiOne Signature.

upmpdcli provides Roon (and Tidal, Google music, etc.) integration and works flawlessly. Just install upmpdcli-qobuz on the top of upmpdcli and enter your credentials in the configuration file.

I have tried Volumio and DietPi and they work well but I really do not like controlling/setting the system via web interfaces.

Volumio is simple to setup and maintain but can’t give you integrated Qobuz without subscribing to their cloud platform as well. Dietpi is a good light weight os but is not for the novice I have it on two systems for Roon but you can install upmpdcli and then use mconnect, kazoo or lumin apps to send Qobuz to it via upnp. All of these are much better than using upmpdcli Qobuz as they give you the full service access in a more presentable form.

Perfect that’s exactly the info I was looking for. I will check out upmpdcli with diet pi. Thanks

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