Alternative speaker cable for NAIT 5si

I’m planning some upgrades to my system and I want to consider my options for speaker cable.

I’m after some recommendations for NAC A5 alternatives please. I’m using a NAIT 5si.

Thank you in advance.

Try Chord Epic got mine less than half price on E-bay.

Tellurium q work well with Naim

Witch Hat N2 or phantom. Also the Kudos cable is getting good reviews on here

Odyssey works very well to my ears (with Neat speakers) and I think are half the price of Epic

Kudos KS-1 is a thin cable developed by speaker manufacturer Kudos, its £30/m and punches well above its weight.

Why would you not consider NACA5 here? Is it because of the speakers? Or perhaps too expensive in context of the rest of the system?

It’s a fair question. I suppose it’s a combination of the physical inflexibility and price relative to the rest of the system.

I’ve been doing some research and Linn k20 seems to have very similar specification and is about £5/m which seems very good value.

Fyi linn k20 (to all intents and purposes) equals naca4, but it doesn’t possess the heft you’d get with naca5.

Yes, I was going to say that if it’s a question of price and value for money then Linn K20 is a great choice. It’s quite similar to the old NACA4 (not identical though, as is sometimes reported ) and was from the same cable manufacturer.

Hi, I’ve got the K20, didn’t work well in my system; shrunken sound stage + other things. Tried & kept, until I get something even better, chord clearway, it was £10 a metre - think it’s a bit more now.
There are plenty on here who really rate the Witch-hat cables & you get a 30 day money back option I believe :+1:

I use Analysis Plus Black Oval 12 speaker cable. My dealer demonstrated Naim with Analysis Plus. He was pushing Black Oval 9, but I needed a 15 ft run. BO9 was very pricy.

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