Am I missing something?

I’ve just upgraded my NDS to an ND555. The NDS remote used to have a “stop” button so if you were mid album and wanted to stop you could.

I can’t find the same facility on the ND555 remote (unless I’m missing something obvious which is quite possible). So, can someone help, is there a way of stopping an album on the ND555 ?


Perhaps the “pause” button ?


This one ?

But that pauses it indefinitely in suspended animation…the NDS button stopped and cleared the album.

I don’t mind pausing it and either restarting it or selecting a new album next time I come back to listen.

The old fashioned side of me would like to stop the album though like removing the vinyl disc from the turntable or stopping and ejecting the CD.

Yeah, its a digital file you’ll be fine, you arn’t stretching the belt on pause.


What is the hard drive in your NAS doing though ? :joy:

Nothing. It spins when needing to read more data, stops when not. That is when called to fill the buffer. (In some players, I don’t know about ND555 but I’d be surprised if not, the buffer can cold a whole track and more, so is filled wellin advance of the data being accessed.

(If the NAS uses an SSD it doesn’t even spin!)

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