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Hello everyone, I am looking for some help to stop me going out of my mind.
I have an ndx 2, which I am mostly happy with…but.
I have been streaming via Chromecast on Amazon hd loaded on my pixel 4a phone and all was well. An accident and a phone upgrade later to a Samsung S20 Fe, and now I get terrible dropout and interruption on chromecasting. It’s completely unlistenable…I have the same network setup…fully wired ndx2 to network switch, wired to router. 100 mbs fiber connection. Strong wireless to the Samsung.
I’ve changed Amazon over to my old iPhone and airplay works perfectly, but I don’t want to drop down to airplay quality.
I uninstalled Google home for fear of conflicts, I’ve reset and rebooted everything many times…anyone with experience in a similar problem out there…many thanks

Are you sure that you are using the Chromecast output and not Bluetooth? Dropouts can be expected for the latter if you’re moving away from the receiver too far…

P.s. also be aware that HD quality cannot be streamed with Amazon to Chromecast, only SD quality.

Same here when I tried yesterday I posted in the Amazon HD thread. Chromecast works from Roon ok whenI tried that.

That looks to have changed recently. It doesnt drop to the lower tier anymore like it used to. The fact they are having issues now also indicates it migth well be streaming the higher bitrate streams but as it looses the display to say what its doing via casting and Naim dont display the sample rate via casting its hard to say. When it did play without dropping out it certainly sounded pretty good.

I see, that would be a good development, if Amazon HD streams would now also be available via Chromecast!

It would but very hard to say if it is or not. But I am sure the app used to show it dropped to the lower tier before, but I could be wrong. Just looked on their forum and there are a number of people having issues. For me it was also having all sorts of wierd digital artefacts as well as dropping out. It seemed to calm downafter a while and then only got dropouts.

I have asked on their forum if HD and UHD now works or not.

Good morning. Yes it’s definitely connected using Chromecast.
I’ve even turned Bluetooth input off on the ndx to ensure I’m not getting some form of conflict.

I must admit I have assumed that it.has been operating upto 24 bit on the ultra HD tracks.
I’ve done some back to back tests between the ndx with Amazon hd and downloads on my uniti core and while the core is definitely superior, it’s not night and day and I’ve found ( when it works) Amazon good for casual listening, obviously with the advantage of a millions sogs.
But if it continues this drop out problem I will cancel.

Looks like its still SD for Chromecast response from Amazon. I bet its transcoding the stream on the phone and screwing it up.

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There has been no new information regarding Chromecast compatibility with Amazon Music HD

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