Amazon Music HD - troubleshooting on iOS

Flicking back and forth between price plans yesterday I somehow managed to sign-up for the standard Amazon Music Unlimited trial.

Before using it I contacted support who advised me to cancel and sign-up again for the HD trial, but the system now saw me as a previous subscriber (despite not having played a single song) and would only give me 90 days trial for £7.99 a month not for free.

After some discussion they said they’d refund the £7.99 each month for 3 months but I’d have to pay for it first and send them an email each time I got charged. A little annoying but agreed to do this.

I’ve just authorised my iPhone as 1 of 10 devices.

I cannot for the life of me see how I differentiate HD from MP3 tracks - my plan is listed as individual HD in my Amazon account, but I actually wonder if the app is not recognising this despite having signed out and back in again.

If I go into the Amazon app and look at Settings it says:


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Could someone who has signed up for the HD service kindly tell me if they see something other than (MP3) in the device name, and if the service described has HD at the end as I think there must be some kind of glitch.

I’m playing via Airplay and can’t see how to find the quality of what I downloaded in the Amazon app anywhere - the tracks downloaded very quickly and I suspect are MP3 despite setting quality to High in all Settings.

I know Airplay won’t support hi-res playback but it should handle CD quality.

Next step will be to delete and re-install the app.

Deleting and reinstalling the app seems to have done something.

It now indicates I’m logged in to the HD service on startup which it didn’t before.

I did not have this option for HD/HD Ultra before:

Interestingly if MP3 is 10x smaller than a CD quality FLAC - have they made their MP3s worse! (Suspect not but you never know)

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