Amazon "This item cannot be shipped ...."

Hi, I’ve been experiencing this issue with amazon since yesterday; I don’t know if there is a general issue at large, or something has changed with my account, or something else.

“This item cannot be shipped to your selected delivery location. Please choose a different delivery location.”

That’s my home address, but if I flip to a nearby amazon locker, or the nearby post office, I get the same.

It seems to be randomly impacting items across the site. Yesterday I had to jump through hoops to order an lp, and the only way around it was to get it delivered to my local post office, and even then that option was initially being refused.

Is anyone else experiencing this? If not, then it’s me and I’ll take it up with Amazon directly.

thanks, Robert

With the UK now being outside of the EU, it’s possible that certain international sellers have indicated they only ship within the EU region?

It’s with Amazon themselves as the seller.

Ah yes i see in your screenshot, apologies…

No worries, it’s not obvious.
Another one:
Ice Cold In Alex *Digitally Restored 1958 Blu-ray: John Mills, Anthony Quayle, Sylvia Syms, J. Lee Thompson, John Mills, Anthony Quayle: DVD & Blu-ray


But this one is fine:

Grrrrr, why!!!
(Not that I want to buy Ice cold in Alex, I’m just randomly testing to see if there is a pattern.)

It’s happening to loads of people, I’ve seen this on another forum too.

Ah, good, thanks.
Well, not “good”, but at least it’s not just me.
I guess I’ll wait until it goes away.

I’ve just had a look at Ice Cold in Alex Robert, and under the can’t be shipped to your address it says Temporarily Out of Stock.

Thanks - it’s not the out of stock bit that’s causing it, at least it wasn’t that causing it yesterday.
I managed to get Billie Eilish’s first lp yesterday evening after 10 mins of trying to get past the “cannot ship to your address” shenanigans. I think Amazon gave up trying to prevent my purchase and relented, but even so I have to walk to the local PO down the road to get it!

It might be temp out of stock, or pre orders, or some other factor, it’s definitely not everything being impacted.

I get the same message. I think it’s a them problem rather than a you problem.



Yes, same here, the price of a CD I was watching dropped 50% but couldn’t be delivered to my location.

Other items I am watching could all be purchased.

Must be a glitch.

The one I was following is now back to full price.

I’m not sure what might cause this, perhaps your address is no longer recognised?

Or maybe try clearing cookies and trying again.

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