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Currently have a SN2 and enjoying it. I always felt the dynamics were good with lots of expression going from quiet to loud in pieces that were well recorded. That was until I heard a friends set up with two ps audio bhk mono blocks and pre. The dynamics were incredible. Obviously the bhk’s are beasts with tons of power and I understand that dynamics is in part a function of power and filter capacitance. So my question is how much further up the chain I need to go to get a similar level of dynamic range. Nap 300 maybe?

A NAP300 should do it, as would a pair of NAP135s.
Don’t forget the importance of the pre-amp though. A better Naim re-amp also makes a real difference to system dynamics.

Hope this helps, BF


The NAP 300DR has dynamic response down in spades. When I upgraded from a 250 DR and connected a brand new 300DR cold and never broken in it blew me away instantly. My wife noticed it to, from another room down the hallway.

The 300DR is a very special beast. When I play large scale orchestral music on my system it always amazes me what that amp can deliver that the 250DR never could.

And if you have a SN2 to compare to, then…woah!


Thanks @JosquinDesPrez this is good to know. I’ve been eying a 250dr to connect to my SN2 inthe short term on my way to separates but maybe I should save a bit longer and go for the 300.


Make no mistake. The 250DR is a great amp…but the 300Dr is really special. And if you like listening at lower to moderate volume that’s another great reason to prefer the 300.


I went from a CB 250 to 2 x CB 135s which I had serviced. The 135s made a big difference and am able to listen to music at higher volumes with more dynamism, control, separation and clarity. They sound gorgeous. The 250 was no slouch but I just get so much more with the 135s, which were Naim’s top of the range power amps prior to the mighty 500.

Looking at a 282, 82 or 252 or 52 preamp with 135s or 300 as a minimum.

A 552 with a 300DR is a very popular set up on the forum too!


A 282 with 300DR would be great place to continue your Naim journey.


Then look to the speakers. Even What HiFi criticised them for lacking dynamic subtlety.

What are the speakers?

250DR and 300DR are very different beasts. We’ve recently upgraded, 300DR not yet fully run in.

The 250 was a very good amp, but compared to the 300 it sounded rather compressed.

Dynamic swings on the 300 are amazing. The slam and attack across the frequency range is just better. Bass is much fuller but without ever becoming overbearing.

At low volume levels the detail retrieval on the 300 is fantastic. I notice this mostly when listening to TV at low volumes early in the day (SWMBO asleep upstairs). I’m sitting right now watching a Malaysian martial arts movie and I can hear every contact even with dialogue at a just audible level.


He lists Neat SX5i in his profile

Impedance and sensitivity figures are 8 ohms and 88dB respectively which suggest that it is rather easy to drive. Difference between the 250DR and 300dr may not be significant although it’s there.


Agree on 300DR vs 250DR. 250DR is a great amp but what the 300DR does in terms of dynamics, micro details, presence, adding calm, headroom and control is extraordinary good.

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282 with 250 grooves.

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I know this is a Naim forum and I do have an NDX2/XPS DR as a source (love it by the way), but I notice you really liked the PS BHK 300 monos. Have you tried the BHK250 stereo. I have one and love it. It also works a treat with the NDX2 and can drive any speakers. I have mine driving Dynaudio Heritage Specials

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I’m using Neat Sx5i’s with Neat Feet

@ryder @Yeti you are correct I’m using Neat Sx5i’s with Neat Feet

I haven’t considered the BHK 250 but it would be interesting to hear how it compares to the 300 mono blocks. Indeed the 300 mono blocks were incredible but a lot of real estate taken up and at low levels where I’m not doing serious listening didn’t have the “Naim sound” that I love. When turned up they did come to life and were quite special. PS audio is a fine company however service is important for me and being in Canada we have a first rate Naim service centre which is also part of the consideration when you get at this price point. Not having to ship gear across borders is something I factor in to my purchase.

@IainO thanks for your input!

@dave709 can’t say I have experienced any issues with the BHK250 at low volumes. It remains remarkably together and detailed even when almost “whisper” quiet. But I have paired it with the Music First Baby Reference which transformer controlled amplifier and remains incredibly neutral regardless of the volume. I did try PS audios own BHK pre amp with the 250 and found that there was some loss of “sparkle” at low volumes. I have to say that I moved from the NAP300 because I need a bit more “grunt” and the BHK was the most musical amp that I heard and came closes for musicality to the NAP300 of all amps I listened to, but with more watts on tap !!

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