Hi. Soon i want to upgrade my hifi. Not so long ago i sold my Devialet 140 pro amplifier/streamer because I could not accept the thin/brittle sound.
Many years ago I owned nac202 and nap200 I lived with that amp combo for many years and really liked the sound. In near future I will be able to buy new system, I have been looking at Nac 252 and Nap 250dr. How big a jump from 202 / 200 could i expect? I will be using ydeon dac.
Sorry if my spelling is bad. Im from Denmark :blush:

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Hi, what is a ydeon DAC? 252/250 could be a great amp, and a big step up from the 202/200 you had, but a quality source is important too. Also, what speakers do you have.
Do you have a decent rack? You’ll need 3 shelves for the amp, and a shelf for each source component, and this becomes increasingly important with higher level separates.

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The 252/250DR is a huge step up from 202/200. If you liked the latter I’m sure you would be very happy with the 252/250DR. But I agree with @ChrisSU, you need a top quality source to justify that kind of amplification and a decent support to get the best out of it.

Hi. Do you think that the ndx2 would be good enough as a source?

I’m an analogue guy I’m afraid, NAT01 and LP12, so I don’t have experience personally of the NDX2. But looking at other users systems I’d say so, especially when used with a decent power supply.

NDX2 is a great source, with further options to upgrade the PSU later if you want.
The amplifier is something you should choose carefully. Some prefer the cheaper 282 to the 252, and the choice of power amp may have some bearing on this. The intended partner to the 282 is the 250, and for the 252, it’s the 300. These are guidelines, not rules, and you really need to listen to the amps for yourself to make a good choice.

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