Ampli Naim

Can you tell me which is the best pre and final pair Naim?


Welcome. As you’ll see from Thomas’s link, there are several ranges.
As Hungryhalibut says, the top pre/power is the Statement. It’s a 3 box system, each box being just short of a metre tall, combined weight over 250kg. It’s a preamp with two mono power amps, each rated at 746W into 8ohms. At about £180,000 it’s very much a superfi product, last I heard they’d sold 93 sets and a few stand alone pres.
The next range down is the 500 series, which has the 552DR preamp and the 500DR stereo power amp. Each consists of 2 boxes, the component itself and an external power supply. They’re designed to fit in normal hifi racks. The pre and power amp are about £21,000 each including the power supply.
Below the 500 series is the Classic range. The top pre/power in that range is the 252/300DR. The 252 preamp required a Supercap DR power supply (sold separately), the 300DR is a 2 box stereo design rated at 90W into 8 ohms. Again designed to fit into normal racks. The 252 plus Supercap is about £12,000, the 300DR is about £8,000.
All are superb amps, having heard them all several times there is a big step up between each range, as you’d hope for the price difference, but the 252/300 is a spectacularly good amp in its own right.


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