AmpliFi HD Mesh network question

Can I add a wireless access point to my AmpliFi HD network? Currently it consists of a Amplifi HD router and 2 mesh antennas.

Would one of the Ubiquiti access points work with this network? Perhaps one of the Unifi Lite AP products?

I’d like to add it to the BR where my muso lives and ethernet from the WAP to the Muso. Just curious if this would work.

I have a couple of the unifi ap units, i don’t think that’s the product you want. These create a mesh WiFi network, the port is to hook them up to your network, and not so you can hang a wired connection from them.
(Edit) actually you can if you set them to wireless uplink mode. However I don’t know if you can mix and match amplifi and unifi units in the same network. [Just googled it, no you can’t mix.] The unifi aps need an active controller to function, that’s either a unifi cloud controller or the software running on a pc (mine now runs on a raspberry pi left of 24x7).

You need a wireless bridge. You can do this with a second amplifi hd router set to bridge mode.

It would appear you can purchase seperate ones so I guess you could go that route. As with any of these mesh products the very best outcome is to connect them via ethernet.

Thanks, I’m glad I asked. I wouldn’t have guessed I can use a router in bridge mode to do this. It seems easy enough.

Thanks @garyi I have two mesh antennas currently and don’t need another, just looking for a way to ethernet into the network without running cable from the other room.

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