Amplifier hum

As I’ve seen it mentioned is I have never h few other threads but not as a separate topic I thought I’d ask.

I’ve never noticed any hum on the Naits, the 150 or the 250-2. The 250 CB I’ve just picked up does hum though, quite loudly through the speakers until I switch the hicap/pre on. The hum then completely disappears. Also there is no hum when I disconnect the source din input.
Why is this, and is it normal?

You should always switch the preamp on first, wait a little bit, then switch on the power amp. Turn the power amp off first, wait a little bit, then turn the preamp off. Problem solved.

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Or you could leave the HiCap/Pre-amp on all the time with the volme down and switch the power amp on/off?

Just a thought

I will be leaving it all on full time now I have it. Just wondered about the hum.

Worry no more. Turn it on and off in the right order and you’ll be hum free.

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