Amplify the Nac 72

Friends, is it possible to connect 2 NAPs 140 or 250 to a Nac 72? If it is possible how should I proceed? Thank you so much

Only one 140 will work, of the options you list above.

Power the 72 from a Hicap and then you’ll have enough sockets on the Hicap to run 2x140 or a 250.


So with a HiCap I feed the 72 and at the same time I can connect 2 NAP 140?

Yes, the Hicap will provide power to the 72. You can then connect the 140s via the Hicap.

On the Olive Hicap above, you’d connect the 72 via a SNAIC5 to socket 4. Connect the 140 amps via SNAIC4 cables to sockets 2 and 1.


Thank you so much, goodbye

I did think about running two 140s from my hicap/72. But my daughter has one of them now, so cant try.
Rather than try to biamp, id suggest using one channel of a 140 to power left, then same again for the right channel. Only real advantage is that the transformer in each 140 is only really powering one channel rather than two.

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That seems an extreme way of using two NAP140s or NAP250s, if it is actually possible at all. Will they remain stable in the long term with only one channel operating?

If you are looking for a mono amp, why not do the obvious and get a pair of NAP135s? (They’re wonderful amps - I’ve had a pair for over 30 years.)

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I understood, thanks!!

It actually seems like the best solution. Thank you

I must be unusual, as the only tweaking that my LP12 gets is the fitting of a replacement cartridge every two or three years. It’s ‘maxxed out’, so there’s nothing more that I could do to it anyway.

Fwiw, I think one 250 will beat two 140s, and a pair of 135s will beat one or two 250s.

More important, a 72 is a little classic but can be beaten - an 82/Hicap is a bit better with a 250 (or above ) imho. A 52 is much better than either (but won’t work with a Hicap).

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An Olive Hicap/72/250 will be a little belter.


I believe that B not aim has a problem dicc BBC amplitude, depth and spatiality, so I decided !! Pre valvular phono.

I think that, long ago, a NAC72/HiCap/NAP250 was Naim’s top-of-the-line system. Sure, you can do a lot better (now), but that was a helluva system in its time.


It still is mate. I remember having setup my 72 with a hicap / 140 into sbls fronted by a lowly turntable using the internal boards and it was a foottapper.

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