AMROC - what do the results mean. What is good?

Hi, I see a couple of folk have used the AMROC online software to understand room/ sound characteristics. An example plot is provided below;

But, what does good look like and how to interpret the results.

Hi Elkman,
Try and put the various terms on show above and you can actually read up on it yourself and try and get an understanding. Bonello, bolt area etc…
In an average size room it will help to give you an idea, where your problems may occur frequency wise.
Most of us suffer the usual 8 foot ceiling height, which creates modes ( pressure) at 80-90 Hz and gives the usual ‘ boomy bass’- syndrome. This can get worse as you throw the rest of the dimensions of the room into the mix, where 3 modes are stacked so closely that they create what is called a destructive mode. I suffered that at exactly 80-95 Hz in my room before treatment and it doesn’t sound pretty! ATB Peter
If above room is yours it aint bad at all with nicely spread out modes ( red/ purple vertical lines). I suspect the ceiling height is saving the game :+1:t3: As I read it, your problem could be in the 110-120Hz= closely stacked modes. Tuned Membrane absorbers in the right position could attenuate those frequencies for you ( GIK do these).

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