An Eek! moment

By way of background, we are having a problem with our broadband (rock solid and fast 95% of the time but every so often the speed crashes - usually on a Wednesday evening). Tracing the cause is proving challenging but the broadband supplier is being very supportive and we are gradually working through the options. Ultimately we all know that something is being switched on somewhere outside of the house but… The other thing you need to know is that the room the hifi is in is a bit of disaster and crowded. I’m not going to name names here because it would not be fair.

Anyway engineer visits yesterday and wants to plug stuff into the broadband socket. You guessed, it’s behind the rack. No problem he says and grabs the second level of the Simrak with NDX2 and LP12 above. Fortunately the weight and the unexpected discovery that it was not one piece of furniture slowed him down and I managed to stop him before he actually lifted it too far.

I think the screaming and whimpering affected him deeply.


Good luck tracking it down! We had a 4 week outage a few months back. The ultimate cause was, reading between the lines of what the engineers let slip, maintenance work on another property taking our connection in a cabinet somewhere! Took 3 visits to work out though. 2 months service refund as a result isn’t too bad.

Reading your experience I’m glad all the network gear is literally the other end of the house from the HiFi :smiley:

We had no end of problems and Virgin were not interested, nor BT who we later moved to. In the end Olly who fitted our alarm and had run a cat 6 cable to our outhouse sorted it. We had a wifi hub in the outhouse and it had gone wrong and affected the main router and hub. He disconnected the wifi hub and all was well…….he even came back with a new wifi hub for the outhouse……great service.

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I think this is going to be a challenge to track down. But our provider is fully engaged (I have been unexpectedly impressed) and is trying out new equipment and connections just to eliminate the obvious. The speed is good (above spec at the moment after yesterday’s visit - I’m paying for 40Mb but getting 48Mb) and it is like that for most of the time. But occasionally - usually on a Wednesday evening although not exclusively - it will go down to 1Mb - 5Mb. It normally gradually recovers over 2-3 hours but can sometimes linger into the next day.


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Neighbours are probably bitcoin mining. Wednesday evening is a very popular time for this apparently :wink:

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I had similar before I went to full fibre.

Turned out to the old copper cables connections in their cabinet had degraded and corroded over time. Dependent on the temperature and other weather conditions caused the varying problems.


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