Analog problems with Multi room

Hope someone can help, I have a uniti star, connected to Mu-so2 i can get everything to stream to the mu-so2 except when switching to analog for the record deck there is nothing happening no sound, we had it working for a short period during setup but now nothing, any ideas would be very welcome.

The star digitises all analog inputs to allow multiroom of any source, so it should work. I take it there are no issues using multiroom with a different input?

hello all other inputs work with the muso no problem, just the analog wont send a signal to the mu-so ,although they are connected to the Uniti star there is no sound

I take it there is no problem with the Turntable through the Uniti Star for local playback ?

A similar issue here so maybe a power cycle of both units may help -

I had had this before in the past. It was a software problem and was fixed with an update. Maybe the error is present again in the current software, I’ll try it later. Or your software is not up to date. Clemens

All fixed after a reset.

Thanks for you feedback i have fixed the issue with a system reset, all seems to be working now.

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