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The analogue cable TV service operated by Virgin Media is shortly to be switched off. I presume that with it will go their analogue radio signals, which means that BBC Radio channels will no longer be available to my NAT01. That’s a sad day indeed.
While the BBC Radio 3 signal on their service has been pretty crap for many years, it was nevertheless useful at low volume.
My alternative is to stream the 320k signal (using a vpn) from my IPad using the sadly now unavailable Pure dock, into the ND555.
This gives a pretty good result, but to those who know the NAT01, it is very much a step down.
So my question is whether there is anyone here who is using an aerial based solution for BBC Radio 3 in Dublin, with satisfactory results?

I am in Clontarf and listen to R3 a lot on my 2 systems using Tunein on a Chromecast Audio fed into a chord mojo to my Nait 2 on the other a laptop into a Schiit Modi into a Nait 3.
Sounds good to me.

Also have a freesat satellite tuner & get some BBC stations on that but don’t need it with the aforementioned.

Thanks Sundance, but what I’m looking for is an analogue p feed for my NAT01, Naim’s legendary FM tuner. If you look behind what you are listening to via Tune-In (which is what I am using for a digital signal), it is probably a 96k or 120k stream. I’m listening to a 320k feed from that source, and it is good, but not by comparison with a good FM signal.

I have no analogue answer!!!

I live south of Dublin and fairly high up and have used a pretty basic antenna in my attic successfully for bbc stations, I dont use it anymore as now have vtuner but I would have thought a decent external yagi antenna might work for you depending on your location / elevation obviously or are the beeb ditching fm altogether for DAB? I had a similar problem a few years ago when MMDS was phased out as the frequencies were been flogged for 4G or whatever, now use free to air and its great

Pretty impressive if @Annalogg can switch off the whole of Dublin! :rofl:

Hi Adam,
I met you many a time in Cloney’s back in the day.
I guess I’m going to have to try a aerial - anything to keep the venerable NAT going.

Both Rathmines and Blackrock. I bought a Rega 3, a Creek amplifier and a pair of Mordaunt Short loudspeakers in 1984. Thereafter my uncle, Tom Duffy, led me a merry Naim dance. My first piece was a NAC 72, which I partnered with a musical fidelity power amp., because I felt that the more usual Nap110 was a bit short on power. Then I added a Hi Cap, then moved to an 82, then added a second Hi Cap, finally trading the 2 Hicaps for a Supercap. Eventually traded the 82/super for a well used 52. Got a 552 when they first appeared.
Tom traded his Linn Ekos for a Naim Aro, and I bought the Ekos from Noel. These all used with LP12 of course.
My NAT01 is a Chrome Bumper which I bought secondhand about 20 years ago.
Tom used to tell very amusing stories about JV’s attempts to induce Noel to stock the more expensive Naim items (why don’t you buy a 52 and double your stock value?).

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Adam, I pressed the wrong button to reply. If you go back in to the topic you will see my reply to your earlier…

I worked in Dublin for a while, and if my car radio was tuned to an RTE station, it would generally continue working as I left the ferry port at Holyhead and drove home. That was on a pretty mediocre car radio, so presumably this might work the other way with BBC stations?

Hi again Adam,
I was indeed among those customers who used to drop in regularly for a chat (days before internet), but I would not describe myself as ‘charming’, and I don’t recall bringing biscuits, but certainly enjoyed cups of coffee.
Tom was one of a kind, and I’m sure it is he to whom you refer. He combined a fanatical interest in the technology with an unbelievable knowledge of Classical Music. For 20 years I visited him in his house in Raheny virtually once a month for listening and talking sessions. I would have to drag myself away at one or two in the morning, in order to arrive ‘bleary eyed’ at work in the morning.
Thanks for the memory!

Adam, this reply has me completely confused. I spent tens of thousands with Noel, in between the chats, so I can’t understand the the ‘sponger’ moniker. Am I misinterpreting something?

To add to this…

IMhO the best music on the radio is The Blue of the Night & you will have no problem receiving that with a decent external FM antenna which can be fitted for around 150 bills

Just found this on the Virgin Media site in the FAQs

Seems Virgin Media just need the bandwidth from the TV broadcasts but not the FM radio broadcasts for now.

The BBC has also scrapped its plans for FM Radio switch off.

Your NAT01 lives on. Now where’s my old Quad FM3 tuner, as that use to sound excellent with a good strong FM signal, when I lived in the UK.

BBC Radio3 was trialing a lossless FLAC stream last year, however it used a DASH format that didn’t work with vTuner or Roon at the time.
Let’s hope a new FLAC stream will be available again as Roon has the FLAC streaming for Internet Radio now.

Thanks for that good news Simon. However, for many years now Virgin BBC Radio 3 signal has been very poor (lots of hiss), although the other BBC stations are fine. Would be interested to know what your Quad throws up? I took it up with Virgin several times but never got anywhere. It seems that very few of their employees know (or care) that they provide an analogue Radio service.

I haven’t listened to Blue of the Night in some time, but in general Lyric can’t hold a candle to Radio 3 (nor could it be expected to). In particular, I love the two months of Proms broadcasts, which define the Summer.

Away this week & part of next, but will dig it out and see if I can get it going. Haven’t used it in the 20 years I have been in Dublin, so bear with me.

For my BBC Radio4 fix, I was using a DNS proxy to get the HLS stream, initially through custom stations in vTuner and then Roon. But that DNS service stopped working 6 months ago or so, but was never a patch a proper FM BBC Radio signal for R3 & R4
Went and got my Father a proper FM Tuner, when he started talking about a DAB Radio for R3 & ClassicFM. My Mother podcast’s her Archers from the R4 site!

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