And now for the PowerLine Lites

Aside from the standard power cables (I think the plugs are what they call Schuko), my XS3 and ND5XS2 also came with free PowerLine Lites. Ever since, I was just using the standard power cables because my power strip (or power bar) did not have U.K. type outlets. Basically, I’m happy with the standard supplied power cords, and have no plans of spending for new ones.

But given that I have these free PowerLine Lites already, I was thinking of giving it a try…. So yeah, I ordered a new (nothing fancy) power strip which has universal outlets which can accommodate all types of plugs (including the U.K. plugs of the PowerLine lites).

What differences (hopefully improvements) can I expect? I guess if ever there is, it’s not a “night and day” / “blown away” thing.

What worries me is that if I do hear an uplift in performance, the next temptation would be the full pledged PowerLines :slightly_smiling_face:

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the Powerline Lite is the standard lead with a mechanically decoupled UK wall plug. This plug is in some respect both better (decoupling) and worse (extra fuse) than a Schuko plug. I have no idea how these differences play out sonically, but I’m quite sure your insurance company wouldn’t like a UK plug connected to a continental outlet.

As the PL Lite is similar/same as the old Naim standard cable with a moulded IEC end but with a better design UK 13A plug, any sonic improvement is not that much. But connecting it to one of those horrible ‘universal’ multi all socket type extension blocks will take away any small improvements the PL Lite might bring.
One step forward & two steps back IMO

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It is the Road To Perdition and we have all been on it and some of us are still on it

I have my dealer looking for a full Powerline to audition on my Nova

Ok, so I got my el cheapo power strip with universal sockets last week. Plugged in the PowerLine Lites, and let it run for around 4 days.

After listening closely to the usual “audiophile” tracks from Tidal, this is what I have to say…. I didn’t hear anything different. Hahaha!

Was it my ears (tinnitus), my entire system / room not revealing enough, the el cheapo power strip removing any gains from the PowerLine Lites? I don’t know….

So back goes the standard Naim power cords with Schukos. As to the el cheapo power strip, well I’m sure it will be useful in other parts of the house.

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Not sure about your cheap power strip. Even with the Wireworld Matrix 2, the performance of the system is compromised. The way or method of power cord installation is much more important than the quality of the power cord.

In my limited experience, best way is to go direct to wall outlet with upgraded unswitched wall sockets. If that is not possible, you need a good power distributor or conditioner which doesn’t restrict dynamics.

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I had a Titan Audio strip for the audio system, now plugged directly into the wall.

The strip is now used for the audio video system. At the same time I have an Ecosse power cord - both are very effective and produce discernible increases .

The thing is , that when I plugged the power chord from Ecosse into my Sky box, not only did the sound improve so did the vision

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