Android App takes up to 10 seconds to open device

Heyya the community!
So after few weeks, I notice the selection of the device in the naim app (Android) was taking longer and longer,. and right now up to 9 seconds.
I am wondering if this is normal or other have experienced this.
It also seems the 1st opening after a while. If I reopened the app, the device (playing) can openfater (2 seconds).

Last time I resolved that was after a factory reset of the device. I am not sure if this is a router/ WiFi issue since I am xomne in wifi.
Sometimes if I want to reduce volume, this is inconvenient from the app,.if I do not have the remote I handy.

Has anyone else had similar issue?


What band of WiFi are your devices on (2.4Ghs or 5Ghz) ?
What version of Android are you on?

Last time I experienced any sort of latency in connecting the app to the streamer was on both an older 4.x Android version of the app and on 2.4Ghz wifi which is a pretty substantially saturated band in many urban areas. When I was in an apartment in the city, my phone used to be able to find hundreds are 2.4G networks with reasonable signal strength… but there are only 11-13 channels for them to share.

Not seen a problem on 5G and newer Android apps.

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If it’s any consolation, Tidal launches very quickly on my iPhone, but when I try to access it via BluOS, it takes a full 20 seconds to load. My only complaint about an otherwise excellent OS.

Hello, Wifi 5GHz and Android 14. I had this issue with my pixel 6a and now my pixel 8a.
I have a feeling that something is in a sleep status or maybe the router is slow to respond to the app. This is weird, since a device reset (Nova) makes it instantaneous again.
I had also a 500 MB hard drive of songs attached to it, I did unplug but same behaviour.

Hmm it could be the sleep on the Nova. My Pixel 7a and ancient Asus Zenfone (Android 7) both pick up all 4 of my Naim streamers fast. About 2 seconds or less. They only take longer if waking from full standby. Or something with the UPnP settings on your router.

i know some users have had no end of problems. I suspect if you do a search there might even be a thread dedicated to the same issue.

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I happen to have both android and iOS devices, and I really can tell clearly that Naim app works much faster and smoother on my iphones or ipads than on my Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra.