Android Naim App Sucks - Apple Works!

Hello folks,

I’ve been a long time Muso fan and bought a new 2nd Gen the last week…fantastic product as we all know but this is when the problems started!! I’ve two of the muso’s connected by Ethernet but the one in the kitchen this is not possible so I thought ‘Hey no problem, let’s get the Wifi connected up and party’…WRONG!!!

I could not get not just the new one but any of the others to discover the network I wanted them to be on and this was after trying numerous and I mean numerous things. The Android App would discover them when setting up a new product but after that booooom nothing, it failed to connect to network - head scratching starts.

Literally spent 3 days trying to sort this out by splitting bands, deactivating mesh networks, raking around in the guts of the admin portal and lo and behold just before I phoned Naim themselves I had a brain wave…

Lets try this on the iPad…piff paff poof…all three Muso’s were recognised instantly via Airplay and connected Wirelessly to the network I wanted and I can control these via my Android phone now.

So if anything is looking in and cannot get the initial set-up done via Android then if you can use Airplay and you’ll be laughing in minutes!

I thought I would share this as I’ve been close to tears with frustration trying work this out :slight_smile:

Ps thanks for the endless threads on this connectivity issue, if anything they did give me an education albeit I could not find one that covered this topic! (this is where I get pointed to numerous convo’s on this).


It’s a well known thing since many years . Apple is generally more recommended vs Android Naim app.
Why? I don’t know. Is it still the case today, with the new streamers, I don’t know too.


Why on earth I couldn’t find anything about it I’ve no idea but I’m so much more happier for finding this out now :metal:

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The Naim app was initially iPhone only, but was eventually ported to Android, so if it’s true that there are more problems on Android (and I don’t think we actually know that to be the case) that could be why.
When I used it on Android a few years ago I found it to work just as well as on iOS. There were even a few things I thought it did better. A potential problem with Android, though, is that is runs on a far greater variety of devices, from different manufacturers, which might increase the potential for problems.


A customer has a similar issue last with their Qb and I advised exactly what you’ve ended up doing. Result!

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Be thankful it’s Naim rather than Auralic. Their (rather good) control app is Apple only.


It’s more accurate to say some users don’t have a consistent experience. I started with Naim on Apple. Went over to Android. Don’t have any problems. Ran both iOS Naim app in one room and Android app in another since 2015. They worked the same with the one exception Android has no Rovi integration.

Apple bricked my device with a failed update so went for Android on all systems. Two Naim streamers on old platform. Two on the newer. All work flawlessly and fast on the Android app.

So while users are having problems, it’s not universal.

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I think the OP is talking about the initial setup of the device, not actual use. I recall similar issues, although I can’t remember how I solved them in the end.

I might have posted it on this forum.

Day to day it works fine, my main peeve is the lack of now playing widget/notification like other music apps have. IIUC the iOS app does have this, and has had it for years.

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Hmmm I don’t recall having a particular issue using the app to set up the network on my MkII Qbs either. And that was after I had already switched to Android.

Agree about the consistency. Android worked like a dream until around a week ago then it just completely fell over, I don’t even think the app updated in that time period so no idea what it was thinking!

I run mine by Mac , I find Mac/ IOS more intuitive and simpler

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I bought an iPod Touch specifically to use as remote for the Naim app but Apple “upgraded” the OS and bricked it. Never again! Android is absolutely fine - connectivity issues are more often related to wifi than device OS.

I used Android devices for several years they were just about OK but when I purchased my Core that was when I really starting to have problems.

My dealer suggested that I try an iPad to see if this would resolve the issue bearing in mind that if you purchase from Apple you can send it back for a full refund within fourteen days. I went straight to the Apple Store and purchased an iPad all issues resolved just so much better.

Since then I have changed to all Apple, everything just works in such a seamless manner.


So does it really mean that I now need to invest in an iPad too? I just spent £600 on a QuB after Sonos had a complete brainstorm and bricked their devices for anybody trying to stream from NAS, but I’ve having the devil’s own job getting / keeping communications using a Samsung Tab as controller with the Android app.
I get frequent log-outs, playlists just stop, and it also just stops me deleting current playlists. I have to switch the speaker off at the wall, count to 10 and reboot it then occasionally it will let me do what I want.

You might find that connecting your Qb to your router with an Ethernet cable solves your problems. Such cables are cheap on eBay and you could try it to test whether it helps.

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Running the Naim app on a cheap Samsung tablet for years now. Flawless. NDS is connected through ethernet though. Before the Samsung I used an old iPad. Nothing but trouble. Have to say it was really old (think iPad2 or something like that) but on the other hand there was nothing running on it besides the Naim app. Eventually binned the bloody thing and never looked back.


No it means try it and see. Neither of my Qbs had a problem doing setup from the Android app. Others have clearly had nothing but issues

The main obstacle is that Android is a moving target. Different devices with different hardware inside and different drivers and different flavours of Android modified by handset manufacturers to support their customisations. Apple is a more controlled eco system.

It is accurate to say some may have issues on both (I also binned an Apple device) but the frequency is higher on Android. And of course the version of Android/iOS and firmware version on the Naim play a role in how successful the experience is too.

For reference, I found Asus Zenfone (Android 7.1) and Google Pixel (Android 14) to both be problem free on both old and new platform Naim streamers.

Yeah folks this wasn’t to do with the UI once connected it’s down to the initial connection of the products to the Android app.

Once the muso’s were connected via Airplay all the products worked swimmingly on a iPhone, Pixel, iPad and Android tablet.

I was highlighting an issue with the original setup of the Naim product using the Android Naim app and if having an issue to try Apple :+1:

I have 4 Naim streamers (Atom HE, Muso Qb2, NDX2, ND5 XS2), and I control them all from my android phone (Samsung) .

I did have to go through the setup a few times with the ND5, but other than that everything just works.

Maybe there is just too much variation between the various manufacturers and some people get unlucky

Roon? AFAIK there is no Naim App for OSX other than the old N-Serve.