Ania Pro & NA 523-K boards in a 102

Will this work? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Should work OK, yes.

For what its worth…

I’ve successfully used an Ania Pro with both a NA 323 K and S in a NAC 72. Works fine.

On paper, the S is supposed to be the better match. However, the difference sounded negligible. (My ears, room, system). So, both K and S worked fine for me.

Hope that helps


My understanding is that the S & K boards are very similar - same gain - but the K had some tweaks made, to suit the Linn Karma and its siblings.

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I ran my Rega ania into the k boards of my nait3r for a while and then with a stage line S both of which sounded pretty much identical and very good…


Thank you all very much. Trying to breath new life into my system. Just wanted to confirm before moving forward. Thanks again.

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Same gain but slightly different loading 470 with the S vs. 560 ohms on the K, and a steeper HF roll-off on the S.

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That’s interesting. Thanks @Richard.Dane noted.

I’ve experimented with S and K version of 300 series phono cards, (in a NAC72). Using both Rega TT with Ania Pro and LP12 with Linn Troika.

Without knowing (the above) my ears would have suggested the S is lightly clipped. I mean, not so full band width.

But the difference is hardly discernible, ( my ears, system, room).

Again, both work just fine with the Ania Pro. To the extent that now that I know, I wouldn’t worry too much about using either S or K with Ania Pro.

Again, not sure how that translates across to 500 series cards but hope that experience is helpful to original post?

Thank you - yes all very helpful. I’m all about high highs to start. I’ve been using my Elys 2 with standard mm boards for 20+ years so I’m sure the Ania Pro/523-K boards will be dramtic for me. Here is a pic of my early 2K rig still going strong. The green P3 is now 38 years old. Which leads to another question before my make the change. The pots on my NAXO. I have them turned up a bit now. Should I need to adjust them with the MC stuff? Any guidance there? Using SBLs of course.
Thanks again.


Update: Issue/Question: I installed the 523-K boards in my 102 and the Ania Pro on my P3 in my system pictured above. I’m getting a sort of cracking and scratching sound - any ideas on what could be problem? The P3 is connect via BNC and is well grounded to the post on the 102. How could I go about trouble shooting? Any help would be appreciated. Thank you very much.

Did your NAC102 have boards fitted to it before? How are the internal links set for Input 1 - for DIN or BNC?

Thanks Richard: Yes the 102 had NA522/2 B boards and I was using a Elys 2 cart. Didn’t have noise with those. Not sure about the internal links - what and where are those?

If the 522 boards worked ok then the 523s should do too. I take it they are in good health?

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Yes they are. When I disconnect the P3 no noise. When I touch the wires connected to the Ania Pro I can create the noise. Maybe a problem with the cart or turntable wires?

Are you using BNC adaptors?

Yes. Gold RCA to BNC adapters from the P3 which has the incognito wiring. Could that be causing it? Do I need to switch to RCA on the 102?

or just change RCA from p3 to bnc.

BNC adaptors can go bad easily, and get noisy. They’re best avoided, but if you are using them then try a new pair - make sure they are 50ohm. Ultimately it’s best to have proper BNC termination on the armlead.

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Will do Richard. Thanks so much for your help. I really appreciate it.

No problem. I hope it fixes the issue. If not, let us know and we’ll try to analyse further.