Animals reaction to your system playing music

Hi all how to your pets react to your music… played on your system… my Russells seem to quite like it … except for one…he never comes in the room when music is playing. I wonder if he can hear some nasty sonic artifact…that is not audible to us bandwidth limited humans…
I heard a report on a pod cast where an engineer…said that his dog only reacts to dsd…playback…wagging and barking at human voices…ignoring the pcm equivalent…

We don’t have pets these days; prior to this damn covid thang we had too much travel times away & its not right leaving animals in kennels, cats ‘own’ the home & dogs need their pack.
However when we had our Miffy Kat, she was very tuned in to music, she would normally do cat things most of the time, but as soon as DSOTM started playing she would leave the room until the clocks & alarms was over, then come back to resume previous position.
Also a hoot to watch, we are birders & have a CD/rip of bird song, she never did work out where the little blighters were hiding.

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Sorry DSOTM … no comprehendi???

Hi Richie, ‘Dark Side Of The Moon’ (Pink Floyd)

Yes aghh … fully understandi now…ha ha

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Not music but this dogs reaction to football on the tv is priceless:

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