Annoying Android App Metadata Issue

I purchased a double CD in Feb. last year (Show of Hands - And Now we Are Four), ripped it to my Core & noted their was no metadata at all for either disc & no album cover. I assumed the album was too new for Rovi & converted it to FLAC on my PC where it immediately picked up the full metadata & cover art from MusicBrainz. Copied it to the Core where it has since worked normally.

On a whim yesterday I decided to delete the FLAC files & rip the CDs via the Core again. Same result, no metadata or cover art despite trying to force the app to look elsewhere other than Rovi for the metadata. All the alternatives in the app said ‘No metadata available’.

I then used my ripping software (Easy CD Audio Converter) to create a WAV file for each disc & the app instantly got the metadata from MusicBrainz, imbedded it in the files which I copied to the Cores download folder & which now behave like any other WAV rip to my Core, all the metadata & album art being correctly displayed.

My question is therefore, 'Why did the Naim App not pick up the metadata at all, even from MusicBrainz, when my PC app did? Is there a problem with the Naim Android app in this respect. The app does not spend any time searching for the metadata, simply telling me instantly that none is available no matter what source I try from those offered in the app.

Has anyone else experienced the same or similar problem?

The Naim app doesn’t ‘pick up’ the metadata, metadata is the job of the server, the app just displays what it’s given by the server.

The server will be loaded with whatever metadata you gave to it.
(EAC gave it the metadata when you used that, but apparently the Core didn’t find the metadata when it did the ripping itself - I don’t have a Core so I don’t know how it handles metadata when ripping from CDs).

I occasionally have metadata issues with the Naim Ios app. The latest was a new release of Romberg Cello Concertos. No metadata found, but a search using “Not this album?” listed the release but would not import and data. Oh yes, and then the Booklet suddenly vanaished.

Yes as @Xanthe says, this is a Core issue not an app issue. The Naim app (IOS or Android) isn’t involved in searching for metadata at all.

But I don’t know why your Core didn’t pick up the metadata. Are you on the latest Core firmware?

Yes I am David. I am also a member of the beta group.

I have sent Will a PM as I doubt he will see this thread.

As a matter of interest, whenever the Core has not picked up the metadata on the inital rip it has never picked it up automatically at a later date. I have always had to request it manually via the app.

My Core will be three years old in May.

A considerable amount of ‘egg on face’ for me here.

I PM’ed Will who advised that the album was not on MusicBrainz. Convinced it was, I fired up my ripping software again only to find that the metadata had been obtained from WMP, not MusicBrainz. The artists concerned here have another 25 albums listed on MusicBrainz so why this one (released either in 2020 or very early 2021) is missing, heaven only knows.

I have apologised to Will for my error & extend my apologies to all here as well.

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