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Hi, I read some topics regarding ‘Another app connected’ on the forum but can’t find an clear answer what actually should be done. I have updated my SU to 4.8 version and now have problems to connect to it. Only using naim app on two iPhones. But even if only 1 iPhone is present at home got this issue. Mostly playing Tidal. Please advise.

IIRC @davidhendon posted very recently on the topic of 4.8 upgrade, with a very clear answer, which could have been a good starting point for a search. So in acknowledgement of David’s efforts I have found and copied his post below.
While the 272 is mentioned, the SU has the same firmware and the same procedure applies.

Don’t forget that most of us did the 4.8 update when it was released, about two years ago. And you don’t read here about lots of people having problems with their 272. Usually it works perfectly and with no connectivity questions, but there are occasional cases where something with the owner’s network is giving trouble.

Three things you could try.

1. Did you do a factory reset after doing the update, as instructed in the Naim leaflet? If not then try that.
2. If you are using WiFi to connect your 272 to connect to your network, it would be worth trying temporarily to use Ethernet instead. Long Ethernet cables are very cheap and you can just lay it across the floor or whatever. If that fixes the problem, at least you know where your issue is.
3. And it’s always worth trying a router reset. Turn off the router, any switch and the 272. Restart the router and when it has fully restarted then turn the switch and 272 back on again. You could restart your phone at this point too.

The post was in the thread about “the latest firmware” update on a 272.
NAC 272 Unstable after latest firmware update

I’m not alone in commenting from time to time, that use of “latest firmware”, for any post or in a thread title - much like a chocolate teapot - unfit for purpose since it doesn’t show on a 4.8 firmware search.

@deRodriguez for wider responses, actually detailing the model of your control point and the exact iOS in use, will also help. If the issue includes Tidal, try logging in on a computer, or if not available, then delete app, reinstall and login; each of which should be after David’s advice, which I rather expect will address any issues.

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