Another frog in the cauldron?

Hi all,

I couldn’t resist seeking solidarity or a simple confirmation of my insanity. I’ve taken off my hifi cage and tied string around NAP500 power leads to hang off the stand, away from wall and floor.

Weird I know, but the cables are free.

Can anyone confirm this will help or perhaps confirmation of why girls walk away from me at the bar?


I think you might have spent too long at the bar Jon!


You’ll never complete that duplo model with lost pieces down the back of the hifi.


What rack is that? Nice design.

Hi feeling_zen, it’s Audiophile Base, it’s very convenient, each pillar screws into each other and I set it to put the 552 furthest away. I also keep the two sides of the stands (brains and brawn) as far apart as possible, as per Naim burndy length.


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They’re still restrained, this time by string, which I suspect is better than running them along the floor but hanging free is better still, especially if the Burndys are relaxed into shape prior to fitting. On two stacks of Fraim shelves 2(500) and 3(ps) with 1 as the base, or possibly 1 and 4 but then the ps can get a bit too close to the 552.

Top cables look over stressed and I don’t reckon time at the bar would have got that far. :wink:

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I feel much better about my recent system rebuild now.

Ah…. I feel my insanity creeping over me again!

(Thanks for your feedback nonetheless.)

You see now my listening interpretation is tainted - what if! How about that? What about this one? No try that instead!

Single malt.



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