Another NDX2 question/discovery

Because there is no proper manual for the NDX2, finding out how to use some of it’s functions is almost like a little adventure… (although it would be better to have a proper manual…)…

Anyway while I was using the support function on the NAIM NDX2 product section - I was serching on ‘Naim Remote’ and one of the questions that seemed to be answered is:

"No album artwork is showing on the screen’

This give a series of picture on apparently how one can fix missing art work on music that being played. However the procedure shown is not available on my iPad - Just wondering if anyone has got this to work, and if so did it work with music playing from a upnp source? Or is this a function that has yet to be announced or a function that was in the planning stage that never made it to the production product…

Also - I cant find anything regarding if it’s alright to keep the display active all the time to show album artwork - the NDX2 has a TFT display, so I belive that there is no risk of screen burn (as was the case with the OLED displays used in the NDX, NDS, NAC272, etc.)

I also found out that the NDX2 has a server function - so that if there is a USB device pluged into the unit, it can act as a server for the content of the USB device… I am able to play the content of the SUB device on my laptop…

I can never find what I’m looking for either… :wink:

I must admit that I wasn’t aware you could use the NDX2 to edit metadata. The screenshots do seem to show that it’s possible though. I suspect it’s a feature that Naim perhaps considered adding, but never did, as they don’t seem to be on the ball when it comes to maintaining their website. This is a feature that does exist on the Core, and I think on the Star too, but I suspect it never existed on any other devices.
The server, on the other hand, does exist, and works. It’s quite basic compared to some UPnP servers, but potentially a useful feature.

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